Shah Paper Mills family members establish buying arm

Shah Paper Mills family members establish buying arm

Fibre Resources LLP will procure recovered paper for mills in India.

April 19, 2017
RTGE Staff
International Recycling News Paper Personnel

Two members of the Shah family, which operates Shah Paper Mills in Vapi, India, have established Fibre Resources LLP as “indenting agents of all types of waste paper from all around the world to the Indian paper industry.”


Fibre Resources will be managed by brothers Jenish and Nirav Shah, who describe themselves as second-generation members of the family that owns and operates Shah Paper Mills.


Jenish Shah has worked within the paper industry for more than four years, while Nirav has more than two years of experience. Each has worked in inventory management and recovered fibre procurement roles for the mills in Vapi, where annually around 132,000 tonnes of recovered fibre is procured from North America, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.


Fibre Resources LLP has begun working in cooperation with Houston-based Waste Management Inc. in the United States, with Mumbai-based Seascope Pulp and Paper Pvt. Ltd. and as direct agents for GDB International Inc., based in New Jersey in the U.S.


“Fibre Resources LLP has emerged as a result of independent horizontal integration wherein the company can manage the requirements of recovered fibre for the paper mills in India,” says Jenish Shah. “We have known paper mills in our associate circle where the combined annual production is about 1 million tonnes, all based on the recycling of recovered fibres.”


Fibre Resources LLP can be reached at or by phone at

+91 909-945-9000. 

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