ScrapRunner Introduces Hosting Services

Data operations, storage and monitoring service is geared for smaller facilities.

April 19, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Enaptive Inc., the creator of the ScrapRunner software program, has introduced what it says is an affordable new data hosting service for its customers.

The program, called ScrapRunner On Demand, is a hosting service that has been designed for recyclers who do not have optimum hardware or reliable IT resources and systems for data loading, storage, operations, monitoring and security.

“We are proud to be offering an industry-first with ScrapRunner On Demand,” says Paresh Hirapara, president and CEO of Enaptive, based in Jacksonville, Fla. “Scrap recyclers with smaller infrastructures were continually asking us for help in finding them better data integrity systems and more competent technical support for their information systems than what they were getting at the local level. We took time to benchmark what an industry-leading hosting solution would look like and how it would operate. Then we modeled our solution to accomplish that goal.”

According to Enaptive, with ScrapRunner On Demand the set-up and implementation process is almost transparent to the customer. Additionally, Enaptive provides 24/7 monitoring and first-tier data integrity and security.

“We’ve heard nightmares about “IT- for- hire” folks who’ve crashed systems or damaged hardware due to their lack of knowledge and real understanding of the operating environment,” says David Lee, Enaptive’s VP of Client Solutions. “We were determined to provide a solution that allows any recycler of any size to fully capitalize on the efficiencies that ScrapRunner provides which, in the long run, saves them a lot of money. We want scrap processors to do what they do well—manage their customers and their recycling operations, and we’ll take care of managing the supply and flow of their data right to their fingertips.”

ScrapRunner is an asset and logistics management system designed specifically for the scrap processing industry. The system integrates automated driver and trip management and a barcoded container tracking system into a processor’s existing accounting software, resulting in a seamless process.

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