Safetech Expands into New Premises

Maker of safety equipment says new location adds manufacturing and office space.

March 18, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Safetech, a maker of automatic personnel protection based in the United Kingdom, has moved into new premises in Sunderland, England. The company manufactures the Guardian system designed to protect people working near conveyors and other potentially hazardous machinery.

“We decided to continue being based at Sunderland, in the north east of England”, says Managing Director Robert Smith. “This central position in the U.K. has excellent transport links to Europe and America, which enable us to offer a rapid response to our many clients in those continents.”

The company says over the last year the success of its latest product, Guardian, has led to a demand for additional manufacturing and office space.

The new location not only provides more room for the expanding company but also offers energy cost savings, Safetech says.

Safetech was established in 1986. The company makes products and systems designed to protect people working near conveyors and other hazardous machinery. The company’s Guardian system uses technology to distinguish human beings from other objects, the company says. If anyone comes into the danger zone, for example by falling onto a conveyor or entering a hazardous area, Guardian switches off the machinery. According to Safetech, the system works even if the worker is unconscious or buried in material.

The latest Guardian system features a smaller control panel and what the company calls “extra fail-safes.” According to Safetech, one Guardian system can offer protection for several conveyors or other machinery, offering cost savings for customers. Guardian also can also be configured to detect and protect workers in a wide range of circumstances, the company says, such as creating no-go zones: The Guardian system can tell the control hub where an operator is working and stop the machine before it arrives in that area.

Safetech systems are designed to safeguard workers in a wide range of processes, including applications in recycling facilities, paper and board mills and many manufacturing and engineering functions.