Rumpke Rebuilding MRF

Recycling company’s earlier plant in Cincinnati area was lost to fire last April.

January 11, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Municipal / IC&I
The waste and recycling company Rumpke Recycling, headquartered in Cincinnati, is in the process of building an 85,000-square-foot recycling facility in St. Bernard, Ohio. The facility, to cost around $32 million, will replace Rumpke’s MRF that was lost to a fire in April 2012.
According to Rumpke, when complete, the MRF will have one of the largest and most technologically advanced residential recycling systems in the United States. The plant will be capable of sorting up to 55 tons of material every hour, more than doubling the capabilities of Rumpke’s previous system. Rumpke says that the facility, slated to be complete by this fall, will able to process close to 15,000 tons of recyclables per month when fully operational.
Jeff Rumpke, vice president of the company, says, “Rumpke is committed to recycling. We are making our largest investment to date with this recycling center, ensuring the region has access to the best available recycling technology.”
The new MRF will use optical sorting technology to identify and separate recyclables by type, including glass bottles and jars, paper, old corrugated containers, aluminum and steel cans and plastic bottles. Cartons or aseptic containers such as juice boxes will also be accepted and processed through a partnership between Rumpke and the US Carton Council.
When the MRF is operational Rumpke will look to expand its commercial glass recycling opportunities for generators such as bars and restaurants.
“As a leader in recycling, we never rest, we are always out there searching, both domestically and internationally, to identify new manufacturers that are willing to take and use additional types of materials. This operation is being built with future expansion in mind,” Steve Sargent, director of Rumpke Recycling, says. “We are committed to growing the recycling effort.”
The equipment to be installed at Rumpke’s MRF will be designed by Machinex, which also designed Rumpke’s Columbus, Ohio, MRF, which opened last year.