Phoenix Industries Lands Asphalt Rubber Patent

Firm is awarded patent related to pelletizing rubber materials used in asphalt.

April 25, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

Phoenix Industries, North Las Vegas, Nev., has been awarded a patent for its process related to the pelletizing of rubber modified asphalt (bitumen) used in the paving industry.

According to a Phoenix Industries news release, the patent covers the pelletization process and formula technology related to creating a pre-manufactured matrix of asphalt and modifiers with an outer shell coating to keep the pellets in a free-flowing form that is transported and stored at ambient temperature.

Phoenix says the process can save on the energy normally required to keep the asphalt as a molten liquid. At the time they are used, the proportional amount of the pellets are mixed, either through a RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) collar of a continuous drum plant or directly into the mixer of a batch plant, where it is blended with the heated aggregate to produce a modified hot mix asphalt.

“This patent is a significant development that will let us move ahead with the introduction of new products based on related technology,” according to Serji Amirkhanian, Phoenix Industries’ director of research and development. “We have several materials and equipment designs in the pipeline that will expand our product line of green and sustainable innovations for the asphalt paving industry.”