Product Spotlight

November 15, 2012
RTGE Staff

1. Sennebogen maXcab Industrial Model
Straubing, Germany-based Sennebogen’s MaXcab industrial model replaces the company’s comfort cab in the special equipment range and is designed for use in challenging material handling applications. MaxCab features include:

  • Ergonomically designed for driver safety
  • A tilted vertical front windscreen with armored glass for a bigger field of vision
  • Straight and continuous glass panes on front and roof designed to provide extra room and to improve view
  • Window in the base offers an unrestricted view of the work areas below from an elevated position
  • Front windscreen constructed of 30-millimetre thick armored glass

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2. Techgene Balers
Available from Techgene Machinery Co. of Taiwan, these balers can be automatically or semi-automatically operated, depending on the material being processed. Baler features include:

  • An air-cyclone-mounted horizontal baler designed with sensors to start baling shredded paper
  • An exclusive auto-tie system
  • Wrapping material can be customized for various jobs
  • Close-ended and open-ended balers provide a wide range of bale tying and ejection capabilities
  • Customizable hoppers include tipper, shovel, air cyclone and conveyor styles

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3. Safetech Guardian System

New from Sunderland, England-based Safetech Systems is the Guardian system, designed to provide automatic personnel protection for employees working near conveyor systems, balers, shredders and other equipment. Features include:

  • Integrates recent developments in intelligent technology
  • One system can protect several conveyors
  • Can minimize insurance premiums
  • Protects even unconscious employees

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4. Metso TS Eco Cut Scrap Shear
Metso Recycling, headquartered in Helsinki, has introduced the TS Eco Cut scrap shear designed for small- to medium-capacity demands at an entry-level price. Part of the company’s new Eco Line, the shear features:

  • A side compression system with over-stroke designed to ensure efficient precompaction prior to cutting
  • Available in 1-metre or 1.5-metre wide lid sizes for bulky, light scrap or medium to heavy scrap
  • 1,000-ton shear force
  • Modular design for flexibility

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