Product Spotlight

September 10, 2013
RTGE Staff

1. UNTHA Assay Shredder
UNTHA Shredding Technology America Inc., Hampton, N.H., has introduced the RS Series assay shredder for electronics recycling. Product benefits include:

  • Optimized for use in the electronic scrap industry and for companies that extract and refine precious metals
  • Allows measurement of the amount of precious metals in a batch of materials.
  • Can shred down to 10 millimeters
  • Hardened to the application, with extra durability
  • Low dust generation and cross contamination

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2. Genesis GXT Mobile Shears
Genesis Attachments, headquartered in Superior, Wis., has introduced four XT model mobile shears to its line of shears. The new XT shears offer these features:

  • GXT 445 and GXT 775 straight and rotator models join GXT 555 and GXT 665 models introduced in April
  • Shorter in length and height and lighter in weight and feature a center of gravity that is closer to the excavator
  • Fit on smaller carriers, reducing the initial acquisition and hourly energy consumption costs
  • Apex closer to back of jaws where most of the cutting is done for improved material gathering, increased cutting performance and efficiency and reduced maintenance

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3. Balcan Engineering Lamp Crusher

New from Balcan Engineering, based in St. Leonard, Quebec, is its lamp crusher, a stainless steel minimizing unit, designed to crush up to 1,000 lamps per hour. Other product features:

  • Bulb and lamp recycling plants are customizable to meet customer requirements and effectively separate high volumes of spent bulbs and lamps
  • Can handle whole and crushed spent lighting, removing hazardous mercury vapor and separating reusable components
  • Offers high hourly throughputs while disposing of bulk spent lighting using an environmentally friendly process

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4. STF Group Label Scraper

The STF Group, Aicha vorm Wald, Germany, has introduced the STF-LS Label Scraper for dry removal of labels from PET bottles. The machine offers these benefits:

  • 95% removal of labels and full body sleeves from PET bottles with minimal damage to the bottle itself and without loss of necks and caps
  • Equipped with hardened knife-tips that are adjustable for different bottle sizes and throughputs
  • After labels are removed, separation of fines can be accomplished with a ballistic separator or suction device.
  • Small footprint and easy adaptation

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