Equipment report

July 7, 2014
RTGE Staff

MSA Group will represent Granutech-Saturn Systems in South and Central America

Industrial shredder manufacturer Granutech-Saturn Systems, based in the United States, has appointed the MSA Group’s Recycling Division, based in Bogota, Colombia, as its exclusive distributor for Central and South America (excluding Mexico). The MSA Group is a privately held Latin American distribution company with U.S. headquarters in Florida and regional offices in South America.

During the Exposucata event, the MSA Group will feature Granutech’s line of Saturn one-, two- and four-shaft shredders and Saturn Grizzly grinders along with Granutech granulators and refiner mills, and the MAC auto crushers. The event is set for Aug. 19-21, 2014, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

MSA Group’s Recycling Division specializes in systems for various recycling applications including different stages of tire recycling, biomass and waste-to-energy processing and ferrous and nonferrous metals size reduction.

“With the addition of Granutech to our second-to-none portfolio, we now close the loop with cutting edge solutions for our customers’ needs for tire processing and other recycling applications delivered locally by trained Granutech sales and support specialists who understand the dynamics of international markets,” says George Lanza, president of MSA Group. “It is an honour to be a part of Granutech’s legacy of quality and workmanship.”

“Granutech is excited to move forward with the MSA organisation,” says Matthew Morrison, vice president of Granutech-Saturn Systems. “We felt they possessed the right combination of sales experience, equipment integration capabilities and local market facilities and resources to leverage Granutech’s already strong market presence into additional growth in one of the world’s most vibrant industrial markets.”

Bollegraaf installs baler at Smurfit Kappa site

The equipment company Bollegraaf, based in the Netherlands, recently completed the installation of a baler system at a Smurfit Kappa recycling facility in Blackburn, United Kingdom. “We are very happy with the final installation and it stands us ready to grow the Blackburn business for many years to come,” says Simon Weston, managing director of Smurfit Kappa Recycling.

“We know there is no single specification for the composition of waste,” says Andre Matula, operations manager at Bollegraaf UK Ltd. “This is why we believe versatility is key. It inspires us to engineer, build and deliver tailor-made solutions that are easy to use, have a low cost of ownership, perform to your specifications and offer an excellent return on investment.”

Matula says the company recently has introduced several innovations and upgrades to its existing line of HBC balers.

“One of the most prominent features of these next-generation balers is our innovative Variable Frequency Drive, resulting in significantly less energy consumption and less noise during operation,” says Matula. One such feature is the baler’s automatic use of standby mode after 180 seconds, she explains. “Bollegraaf has truly gone one stage further by offering our customers the new Eco baler option,” Matula continues.

Weston says, “As part of its competitive purchasing process, the energy efficiency of the new baling machine was one of the main selection criteria for Smurfit Kappa. Bollegraaf was the only company that offered comprehensive control of the main power hydraulic pack through a frequency inverter. We are already seeing substantial energy savings since the installation was switched on. When the baler is idled and waiting for new material, the power consumed is reduced, while ensuring the machine is ready at any time.

“Not only did we compare each potential supplier for energy efficiency, but Bollegraaf also is using an environmentally friendly paint finish on their baler. It is really important for Smurfit Kappa to select suppliers that are thinking of sustainable solutions in the design of their machines,” Weston adds.

Mark Montgomery, H&S and compliance manager at Smurfit Kappa Recycling, says, “Safety was a key element throughout the purchasing process. We wanted to supply our employees with the safest baler available that would also meet the requirements of BSEN 16252:2012. I believe we have done that with the Bollegraaf HBC 140. Working together, we identified additional safety features such as extra access platforms, interlocked access points, conveyor reverse, auto lubrication systems and conveyor pit indicators. All the features identified were aimed at minimising working at height and the interaction between people and the machine. This includes employees and contract maintenance staff. Full training and support have been provided to all operators by Bollegraaf UK. I believe the end result is one of the most efficient and safest balers on the market to date.”

Sennebogen opens training academy and museum in Germany

Material handling equipment maker Sennebogen has opened a training academy and museum at its headquarters in Straubing, Germany. The Sennebogen Academy and the Erich Sennebogen Museum, opened in May 2014, feature a pyramid-shaped museum structure and glass dome.

The Sennebogen Academy, featuring three training halls and an outdoor demonstration site, is designed for the company’s dealers and customers. Meanwhile, the company’s pyramid-shaped, 700-square-metre (7,500 -square-foot) museum commemorates the history of the family-run company.

“With the opening of our Sennebogen Academy we are investing in the future,” says CEO Erich Sennebogen. “Instruction and training are the supporting pillars of every enterprise. We are building on well-trained employees and dealers, and we are also offering our customers the perfect environment to even better experience our machines.

“At the same time the Erich Sennebogen Museum looks back to the roots of the family-run enterprise,” Sennebogen continues. The company says the facility offers a mix of history and state-of-the-art technology.

Based on drafts by Sennebogen, the museum’s design results from the circular grouping of historical machines with erected booms. Eight machines are on display as well as original documents and exhibits. In addition, the reception area doubles as a venue for up to 300 guests.

The company says its Sennebogen Academy GmbH & Co. KG houses a modern machine training center, demonstration site and training and conference rooms. The site includes a harbour facility with a bulk goods hopper and an 8-metre (26-foot) height differential, as well as a cross-country course. A variety of material handling machines and their attachments can be tested at the company’s scrap yard with about 150 tonnes of steel scrap.

MTB Recycling announces joint venture with Erdmann of Germany

MTB Group, based in Trept, France, and Erdmann of Germany have partnered to create a shredder manufacturing company called MTB Recyclingtechnik GmbH, based in Germany. The announcement was made during the May 2014 IFAT exhibition in Munich, when the MTB Group also announced a number of other strategic initiatives.

The group introduced the CRX 2000 Hybrid Shredder with changeable shafts. The shredder can be delivered as a rotary shear with two cutting shafts or as a ripper with two massive shafts designed for breaking, according to MTB. This design makes it possible for recyclers to conduct two types of operations with one machine.

Also announced was the founding of MTB Recyclingtechnik GmbH. The joint venture between MTB and German company Erdmann will combine the competencies of both firms to serve customers in Germany and Austria, the companies say. The venture is intended to provide recyclers in central Europe with local sales and service support as well as to offer “unique solutions available through MTB.”

The company also announced construction of a new state-of-the-art production facility in France to support the MTB line and the activities of partner companies. Operations at the facility will include final assembly of MTB machinery as well as heavy machining for critical parts such as rotors. Featuring a high-tech turning mill, the facility is designed to allow precision machining functions to be brought in-house.

The shredder manufacturer also profiled two of its important customers during the IFAT exhibition. One of the profiles focused on GUMI IMPEX, a Croatian tyre recycling firm that has been running an MTB production line for 10 years—42,000 operating hours—with no operational problems, according to the company.

OLSHAK, a munitions recycler based in Israel, also was profiled as the firm has been running the first MTB shredder sold commercially for 35 years, MTB says.