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May 8, 2013
RTGE Staff

1. Genesis XT Mobile Shears
United States-based Genesis Attachments has introduced the XT Mobile Shears (GXT), offering several product features:

  • Designed to process scrap more efficiently and fit on smaller carriers
  • Bolt-on piercing tip encapsulates the front end of the upper jaw, protecting the tang and reducing wear
  • Weld-on, replaceable, highly abrasion-resistant steel rhino horn protects the front and top of the upper jaw
  • Dual guide blade lengths match the piercing tip
  • The GXT line will fit excavators from 20,000 to 250,000 pounds.

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2. Danieli Henschel Mobile Shear Baler

Danieli Henschel, based in Chambéry, France, has made improvements to its line of mobile shear balers.

  • Designed to combine mobility with operating power
  • Line includes a range of higher-powered mobile shear balers, with cutting power from 600 to 960 tonnes
  • Drive unit powered by V6 Deutz diesel engine to ensure a high production capacity
  • Safety features and many custom options, including soundproofing and operator cabin design

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3. Sennebogen Grabs & Quick Change Devices
Sennebogen, Straubing, Germany, has launched a line of grabs designed for its machines featuring:

  • Six different quick changing devices available for Sennebogen material handlers ranging from simple quick change couplings to automatic change devices
  • Tool Control control system ensures simple and safe working and an optimal configuration of the hydraulic parameters of up to 10 attachments
  • Orange peel grab available in various versions and shell forms
  • Clamshell offers an individual solution for each bulk material

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4. Eldan MPR200 HD Multi-Purpose Rasper

Eldan Recycling A/S, Faaborg, Denmark, has launched the new MPR200 HD Multi-Purpose Rasper, with the following features:

  • Allows more than double the inertia in the flywheels, increased capacity and lowered downtime for maintenance
  • Improves features of the current Multi Purpose Rasper, a dual drive recycling machine ensuring size reduction of electronic scrap (WEEE), tyres, cables etc., down to as small as 12 millimetres
  • Equipped with 295-horsepower main drive power
  • Faster speed increases capacity by up to 20 percent

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