Product spotlight

March 10, 2014
RTGE Staff

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Redwave three-way glass sorting machines1. Redwave three-way glass sorting machines
Available from Redwave Systems of Austria are the new CX and CXF sensor-based glass sorting machines, offering the following features, the company says:

  • three-way sorting technology for recycled glass processing
  • can process container and float glass from 2mm to 50mm for a variety of sorting tasks
  • reduced air consumption even at higher ejection rates
  • quick-action eject valves and optimised nozzles allow for a more compact sorting plant design and fewer sorting steps without any loss of quality or yield, according to Redwave
  • can recognize a variety of special glasses that have no distinguishing features in the RGB range

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Apolo polystyrene compression2. Greenmax Apolo polystyrene compression
New from Easi Recycling of the U.K. is the GreenMax Apolo range of compression machines for expanded polystyrene (EPS) scrap, offering these features:

  • compresses EPS to a block form
  • offers a solution to the problem of expanded polystyrene scrap and converts a cost into a revenue stream
  • designed to process from 25 kilograms per hour with the A-C25 model to 200 kilograms per hour with the high output A-C200 model
  • reduction ratio of 50:1 and the compressed block density of between 200 to 400 kilograms per cubic metre

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Genesis GXT mobile shears3. Genesis attachments GXT mobile shears
U.S.-based Genesis Attachments has added the GXT 335 and GXT 995 straight and rotator models to its XT line of mobile shears. The company reports the following benefits:

  • bring the company’s XT line of mobile shears to 12 models fitting 27,000- to 180,000-pound excavators
  • GXT shears are shorter in length and height and lighter in weight, with a center of gravity that is closer to the excavator
  • GXT models may be mounted on excavators that previously could only carry smaller, less powerful shears
  • feature an apex that is positioned closer to the back of the jaw to improve material gathering, cutting performance and efficiency and reduce maintenance

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Palazzani articulated wheeled loader4. Palazzani articulated wheeled loader
Available from Palazzani of Italy is the PL 145 articulated compact wheeled loader, with these features:

  • compact wheeled loader from 4.9 to 5.3 tonnes based on the concept of big loaders
  • maximum speed of 31 kilometres per hour
  • wide range of optional attachments
  • net power 69.5 horsepower, 51.1 kilowatts
  • large cabin with excellent visibility, comfort and ergonomics usually only available on much larger models
  • engine complies with European Directive 97/68 CE-Stage 3

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