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Recycling Today’s inaugural Paper Recycling Conference Asia seeks to highlight the growth of the paper recycling industry in Asia.

February 26, 2013
Dan Sandoval

The Recycling Today Media Group, in conjunction with Smithers Pira, will be holding its inaugural Paper Recycling Conference Asia ( at the Hongta Hotel in Shanghai, China, 30-31 May 2013. The producers of the conference, who have presented paper recycling conferences in Europe, North America and the Middle East, are partnering with the China Technical Association of the Paper Industry (CTAPI) on an event that will focus on the fast-growing paper and paper recycling market in Asia, including China. The event is designed for merchants, brokers and other suppliers of recovered fibre as well as mills from around the globe reliant upon those suppliers.

James Keefe, publisher of the Recycling Today Media Group, says that the Paper Recycling Conference Asia is a natural progression of the company’s flagship Paper Recycling Conference, which has grown in prominence in the United States since it began more than 10 years ago.

“After producing successful Paper Recycling Conferences in the United States, the EU and Middle East, we are looking forward to introducing our event format in Asia. We’ve uniquely structured our conferences to involve consuming mills, recovered fibre processors as well as brokers and traders. In this way we’ve been able to offer a unique opportunity for all market participants to interact with one another. That has provided a uniquely valuable conference experience for those who attend,” says Keefe.

“The developing economies of Asia generally have rapidly expanding per-capita paper consumption,” Keefe continues. “As recovered fibre is the basis for much of the paper production in Asia, the need to bring the industry together—the consumers, suppliers and traders— is clear. This is the first event formatted with that market need considered,” he adds.

Sessions during the two-day event will tackle many of the most pressing issues affecting the paper and paper recycling industry in China, Asia and globally. To provide the deep insight, a range of speakers and presenters from different sectors and regions of the world will discuss where the paper and paper recycling markets are headed.

“With the cooperation of CTAPI, the conference will draw not only traders, but also government recycling officials and paper mill company representatives from throughout China,” says Brian Taylor, associate publisher and editorial director for the Recycling Today Media Group.

The conference will begin with a top-down look at the Chinese paper industry provided from a representative of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. The presentation will seek to analyze the role that the recycling industry is playing in China’s economic resurgence.

As China grows as the destination of more recyclables processed from throughout the world, China’s government is confronted with a host of challenges, including ensuring that the domestic collection of material is able to meet their demands.

Supporting this outlook, China has made a concerted effort to grow its recycling industry. According to China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the recycling sector in the country is expected to grow to $287 billion by 2015 as it attempts to develop recycling aspects of its economy.

To achieve these figures, the Chinese government is expected to boost its resource productivity by 15% by the end of 2015. The goals were written in a national plan calling for aggressive steps to develop China’s “circular” economy.

Following the overview of the Chinese economy, a panel of speakers, led by the consulting group Deloitte China, will provide attendees with insight into the paper industry in Asia. With China playing such a key role in the growth in the global paper recycling industry, the insight into where China’s paper industry is heading will likely be a blueprint for where the global paper recycling industry is headed.

Following the top-down outlook, the Paper Recycling Asia conference will dive into the “nuts and bolts” of the paper recycling business in China. Kicking off the hands-on sessions will be a session chaired by Adam Minter, an American writer working in China who has covered the recycling industry for a decade for several international publications.

Minter’s panel will bring together presenters addressing the collection infrastructure in Asia. New paper production capacity in China has created concern there may not be enough supply to meet existing and new capacity coming on line. To compensate for this, China is struggling to grow its internal collection infrastructure.

This panel will look at the steps that several Asian nations are taking to boost the supply of recovered fibre that they collect domestically. Along with Minter, one of the presenters to discuss the issue during the session will be an official from Jiangsu Province in China, who will provide a hands-on look at steps being taken to grow the recycling sector there.

Following the session that addresses domestic collection is one that will examine the overall supply network from a global perspective. The session, chaired by Bill Moore, principal of Moore & Associates, will have as speakers Henri Vermeulen with SmurfitKappa, who will provide the European perspective; Betsy Jordan with Jordan Trading who will discuss supply from a North American perspective; and Yoshimitsu Tanaka of Japanese recycling company Kaneko.

Another panel featuring brokers will include Randy Kim, executive vice president – Asia Marketing, Ekman Recycling, Hong Kong; Joris de Caluwe of the Dutch company Ciparo BV; Dan Cotter, a vice president with Cellmark in the U.S.; and Johan Boons, general manager of SHA International, Belgium. They will discuss some of the issues brokers face in a changing market.

The conference wraps up with presentations from paper recyclers from Eastern Hemisphere nations other than China, including India, Japan and Australia.

“The conference in Shanghai will provide attendees with a tremendous opportunity to interact with paper recyclers, brokers and mill buyers from China, Asia and around the world,” Taylor adds.

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The author is senior editor of Recycling Today Global Edition.