Cultivating New Prospects

January 18, 2013
Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor


Recyclers in Europe and North America can be proud of the high rates of landfill diversion and recycling that have been reached for metals, paper and (in some cases) plastic. Along with the feeling of pride, however, comes concern about how to grow a business if the new frontiers or prospects are limited. Processors and traders in this region will continue to compete vigorously for market share close to home, as they always have. Increasingly, though, many are beginning to look to new frontiers. For recyclers in Europe, two of the regions that hold such promise are the Middle East and the former Soviet bloc nations of Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe has been of interest to recyclers for the past two decades. Trade barriers to some of these nations have been minimised in particular with the enlargement of the European Union to 27 nations. Many of the newer EU member nations are in Eastern Europe and they provide opportunity both because they have lower recycling rates historically and because (in many cases) they are enjoying GDP growth.

Much of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region offers those same two advantages—low recycling rates and economic growth. As this issue’s cover story on Paper Chase International (“The Chase is On,” p. 22) conveys, some government agencies and many corporations doing business in this region also are beginning to invest more in recycling.

The Recycling Today Media Group is offering its readers chances to connect in person with both of these regions in 2013.

In early March, the Hyatt Regency Dubai will serve as our “home away from” for an entire week as we host two events back-to-back: the Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference Middle East (, 3-5 March, and the Middle East Metals Recycling Conference (, 5-7 March.

In the fall of 2013, 30-31 Oct., the ninth edition of our Paper Recycling Conference Europe event comes to Warsaw. After having been in London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Brussels, this will be the conference’s first trip to Eastern Europe.

These events bring together traders, processors and consumers of recycled materials from near the conference venue as well as from other continents. The global connections can benefit all involved, as a conversation between a potential seller from Poland or the United Arab Emirates and a potential buyer from Germany or China may yield an opportunity that had not been previously considered.

Please consider joining us 3-7 March and 30-31 Oct. in Dubai or Warsaw. Opportunities to cultivate new business may be waiting for you.