Mobile Shear Maintenance: Additional Excerpts from Tim Alseth’s Presentation

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February 11, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

This schematic shows a listing of some key components on Genesis and other mobile shears.


  • Blade seat maintenance: keep grinders and sanders out of the blade seats. Because blade seats are precision-machined, any grinding of the seats will cause the seats to become uneven. Once a seat or an adjustment plate becomes uneven, the clamping force of the bolts can lead to cracking of the blade.
  • Piercing tip maintenance: Piercing tips must fit tightly in some areas while having clearance in others. Specifications regarding contact and gap areas of a shear’s piercing tip are specific to each manufacturer, so check your documentation regarding tolerances and requirements. Piercing tip contact with clearance areas will cause abnormal stresses to the blade and can cause piercing tips and/or guide blades to shatter.