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October 7, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

1. Genesis GXT Mobile Shears. Genesis Attachments, Superior, Wis., has introduced four new models of mobile shears to its XT line. The new XT shears offer these features:

  • The GXT 445 and GXT 775 straight and rotator models join GXT 555 and GXT 665 models introduced in April
  • Shorter in length and height and lighter in weight with a center of gravity that is closer to the excavator
  • Fit smaller carriers, reducing initial acquisition and hourly energy consumption costs
  • An apex that is closer to the back of the jaws for improved material gathering, increased cutting performance and efficiency and reduced maintenance

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2. Vecoplan Horizontal Shredder. Vecoplan LLC, High Point, N.C., has added the VTH 45/12/2 VU to its line of continuous feed, horizontal shredders for lineal scrap. This model features:

  • 18-inch-wide-by-5-inch-high infeed opening
  • Continuous-feed 16-foot vibratory feed conveyor
  • Designed specifically for shredding strips, moldings, siding, profiles, composite lumber, pipe or any long waste
  • High output 16-inch “torsion point” cutting rotor powered by a 60-horsepower drive motor
  • Precision cutting tolerances adjustable down to 0.010 inch

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3. CieTrade CiePhoto App.
Software company cieTrade, Stamford, Conn., has introduced a mobile app designed to quickly and easily capture photos of export containers and to document quality issues on received loads. According to cieTrade, the ciePhoto app:

  • Uses cloud computing to process and upload photos and automatically attach them to corresponding loads in the cieTrade software
  • No manual downloading, renaming and organizing images in folders
  • Resizes export container photos for CCIC (China Certification and Inspection Group) customs
  • Automatically attaches photos to corresponding shipments by load or container number
  • Emails images to customers or suppliers with booking documentation

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4. Raspir Aspirator. Available from Raspir LLC, based in Brunswick, Ohio, is the Aspirator air classification separator, offering the following stated features:

  • Designed for separation of auto shredder residue into lights and heavies
  • Uses scientific theory-based design, precisely calculated air flow velocity and air routing to separate materials
  • Allows for fine-tuned control of the input air volume
  • Upward air velocity extracts the lights whose suspension velocity is matched or exceeded

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