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October 8, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

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1. Granutech-Saturn Systems Super 80 Grizzly Grinder. Granutech-Saturn Systems, Grand Prairie, Texas, has introduced its Super 80 Grizzly Grinder. Features include:

  • Close to four times more torque and twice the production of the company’s standard Grizzly grinder
  • Larger shafts and bearings, a solid one-piece forged rotor and a higher capacity gearbox than standard models
  • Offers a higher volume while making a smaller product
  • Primarily for tires but also can be used for electronic scrap, aluminum and waste-to-energy applications

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2. Rotobec Optimax Stationary Mount Loader. Rotobec Inc., Sainte-Justine, Quebec, Canada, has introduced the Optimax stationary mount loader. Features include:

  • Handles a variety of materials, such as scrap metal, waste, logs and bulk material
  • Can be equipped with a variety of grapples to meet application requirements
  • Options include heel booms, telescopic boom, cylinder protectors, cab heater or air conditioner, front windshield guard, cab extension, AM/FM radio and CB radio

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3. Trimble cBin.
Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Trimble has introduced cBin for managing remote recycling containers. Product benefits include:

  • Remote sensor automatically sends fill level and asset status information via wireless communications to the cBin Web portal
  • Immediate notification is sent if fill level exceeds action level
  • Allows managers to see container fill levels on a daily basis and provides tools to assist with route optimization

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4. Safetech Systems Guardian. New from U.K.-based Safetech Systems is the Guardian system, designed to protect employees working near conveyor systems, balers, shredders and other equipment. Product features include:

  • Uses recent developments in intelligent technology to provide advanced performance
  • Meets current legal requirements
  • Sophisticated setup and diagnostics facilities
  • One system can protect several conveyors
  • Minimizes insurance premiums
  • Protects even unconscious employees

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5. Vecoplan V-EBS 2500 Shredder.
Archdale, N.C.-based Vecoplan’s V-EBS 2500 shredder has been designed to produce refuse-derived fuels (RDF) from waste. The V-EBS 2500’s features include:

  • Designed for reshredding of low-bulk-density plastics
  • Heavy-duty industrial screens are designed to be quickly, easily and inexpensively changed, allowing the user to determine and change the output particle size
  • Infeed opening of 28 feet by 4.5 feet
  • 54 cutting inserts on its rotor, two counter knives
  • Powered by Vecoplan’s patented HiTorc drive
  • Throughput capacity of up to 22 tons per hour

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6. Adelmann Refrigerator Recycling Plants. Available from Adelmann Umwelt GmbH, based in Karlstadt, Germany, are customizable refrigerator recycling plants. Product details include:

  • Consists of a shredder; separation unit for polyurethane foam, iron, synthetic material and aluminum/copper; pelleting press; and exhaust air decontamination system
  • One system can recycle up to 60 refrigerators per hour
  • Monitoring system allows for continuous recording

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7. MSS Cirrus Optical Sorter.
MSS Inc., Nashville, Tenn., a manufacturer of optical sorting equipment, has introduced the Cirrus high-resolution near-infrared (NIR) color and metal sorting system. Product benefits include:

  • Automated separation and sorting of targeted commodities using advanced identification algorithms and corresponding precise high-pressure air jets
  • Can be configured via a touch-screen interface
  • Offered in various sizes between 48 inches and 96 inches
  • Sensor configuration tailored to the processing application
  • Offered in conveyor and slide configuration.

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8. UNTHA RS 150 Four-Shaft Shredder. UNTHA Shredding Technology America Inc., based in Hampton, N.H., has introduced the RS 150 four-shaft shredder to the U.S. market. The 500-horsepower RS 150, part of the established RS Series, stands 20 feet tall. Other features include:

  • Coarsely and finely shreds material in a single operation
  • Designed to increase volume of materials processed
  • Diverse capabilities include sheet metal casings, aluminum rims and tubes; electronic scrap; IT and telecommunications equipment; hazardous waste; tires; copper and aluminum cables; spring mattresses; pulper ropes; carpets; and Gore-Tex rolls
  • UNTHA’s patented Torque Drive System

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