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May 12, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

1. Moley Claw Magnet. Moley Magnetics Inc., Buffalo, N.Y., has introduced the Moley Claw Magnet, described as a two-in-one tool for ferrous scrap recyclers. Moley says it offers these features:

  • a fully enclosed hydraulic (ESA) magnet or 24-Volt battery (ESB) magnet with extended scraping claws to loosen debris, allowing access to metal pieces
  • robust and heavy-duty construction
  • available in sizes ranging from 32 inches to 60 inches, depending on the model, and designed for simple hook up and use

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2. Herbold plastic pipe shredders. Herbold Meckesheim USA, based in Slatersville, R.I., has introduced its HOS heavy-duty pipe shredders. Herbold says the shredders offer these features:

  • designed to efficiently shred large, thick-walled plastic pipes
  • available in five sizes, the shredders can process up to 3,400 pounds per hour and can handle pipes as large as 9.8 feet in diameter
  • a high-torque hydraulic ram, which holds a horizontally oriented pipe against a moving cutting plate studded with blades, slicing off chips that can be processed further
  • a grater-like design that allows for longer blade wear compared with typical heavy-duty pipe granulators
  • suitable for abrasive materials, such as fiberglass-reinforced piping

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3. L&P Pinnacle IIi wire tie system.
New from L&P Wire Tie of Carthage, Mo., is the Pinnacle IIi wire tie system with the company’s CORE modular technology. L&P describes various product features, including:

  • easy removal of 90 percent of wear parts in less than five minutes
  • tracking of wire usage and wear parts
  • remote access that allows efficiency monitoring
  • adaptable to two-ram balers
  • assembled on L&P’s EZ mount frame for ease of application
  • a track system constructed with heat-treated steel helps prevent rust and keeps the track clean
  • proximity switches to reduce wear and increase reliability
  • able to withstand high baler output

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4. Terex Fuchs MHL 335 material handler. Terex Fuchs, Westport, Conn., has introduced the MHL 335 material handler, blending the features of other Terex Fuchs models to yield higher lift capacities. The company says the MHL 335 offers:

  • a wider stabilizer footprint provided by redesigned undercarriage
  • elevated handling capacities throughout the entire lift range
  • stability for lifting heavy loads
  • a compact design and tight turn radius
  • can be equipped with a variety of boom and stick configurations

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