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March 6, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

Hammermills International announces new projects

Hammermills International LLC (HMI), headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., reports that it has been selected to install several large shredders throughout North America.

The company says its engineering team designed each shredding plant around the customer’s specific requirements. According to HMI, all electrical, hydraulic and motor work was fully integrated into the turnkey installations. The projects ranged from greenfield installations to installations where existing infrastructure was reconfigured to accommodate a new, modern shredding plant, HMI says.

The installations included:

  • Metalico – a complete 96104 turnkey system in Buffalo, N.Y.;
  • Coatesville Scrap – a 96104 shredder in Coatesville, Pa.;
  • Martin Brothers – a 96104 shredder in Sardis, Miss.; and
  • Port Manatee Scrap – a 120104 shredder system with a ferrous and nonferrous downstream in Port Manatee, Fla.

HMI says it also has provided the following fully rebuilt and reconditioned shredders:

  • Regional Materials Recovery – an 80104 turnkey installation in Rocky Mount, N.C.; and
  • Circle K – a 74104 turnkey installation in Calera, Ala.

The Metalico, Regional Materials Recovery and Circle K projects were installed by HMI’s sister company Hammermills International Technology (HIT).

HIT is a full-service firm providing maintenance, service, installation and commissioning for new and existing shredder plants.

HMI and HIT provide new and refurbished shredder systems and recovery plants to the metals recycling industry.


Guidetti establishes US manufacturing presence

Guidetti Recycling Systems of Renazzo, Italy, has announced the formation of Guidetti USA LLC, headquartered in Atlanta.

The manufacturer of wire processing plants and equipment reports that it will partner with E Recycling Systems LLC of Atlanta to manufacture the Sincro E series recycling systems in the United States.

According to Guidetti, it expects the U.S. location to begin manufacturing Sincro E series compact wire recycling and processing plants by early May 2014.

More information on Guidetti Wire Processing equipment is available by contacting E Recycling Systems’ Jeff Wair at 888-959-0686 or via email at Additional information also is available from E Recycling Systems website at


Upstate Shredding purchases Wendt shredder and nonferrous lines

Wendt Corp., headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., has sold a model M6090 shredder and three-line nonferrous separation system to Upstate Shredding – Ben Weitsman, based in Owego, N.Y. The shredder, the third that Upstate has purchased, will be installed at the company’s recently opened Port of Albany, N.Y., facility.

Shortly after purchasing the Albany scrap yard, opened in August 2013, Upstate recognized the need to purchase a shredder for the location, says Adam Weitsman, owner of Upstate Shredding.

Upstate faced excessive transportation costs to ship material to its main shredder in Owego for processing and decided that having a shredder on site in Albany made the most sense, he adds.

“We have ambitious goals for our Albany yard, and this shredder is the next step in putting that plan of expansion into motion and becoming more competitive in the region,” he observes.

After installation is completed, Upstate says, it likely will add to its workforce and make additional strategic acquisitions, thereby increasing the volume of material processed at its Albany yard.

According to Wendt, Weitsman says the M6090 shredder offered the right combination of value and capacity. The company also says the M6090 shredder is designed with modular features intended to help reduce overall project costs.

Upstate also purchased a nonferrous separation system that will allow the company to recover insulated copper wire, zorba and zurik as well as fines, Wendt says.

“Wendt put together a package that best suited our needs,” Weitsman says. “The nonferrous equipment will allow us to increase revenue to our bottom line and create additional jobs in the area.”

The new shredder features a 2,500-horsepower DC motor, a Bowe disc rotor, a infeed conveyor, Wendt AutoDriver controls and modular design features that include a prefabricated motor enclosure, remote prewired e-house, operator control tower and ferrous downstream.

Upstate says installation will begin in the second quarter of 2014. When completed, the shredder will be able to process up to 18,000 tons per month of ferrous and nonferrous material and will run seven days a week.

Wendt also installed a high-volume MTB wire chopping line at Upstate’s Owego yard and will install an additional shredder for Update in New Castle, Pa., in late 2014.


New Eriez Web resource offers library of industry case studies

Equipment manufacturer Eriez, headquartered in Erie, Pa., has added a library of 175 processing solutions or case studies to its website at

Eriez specializes in magnetic, vibratory and inspection system applications. The company’s magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, material feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment has application in the process, recycling, metalworking, packaging, plastics, rubber, mining, aggregate and textile industries.

Eriez says its new Web resource, which is categorized by industry, details how the company’s customers solved their most difficult separation or material handling challenges with the help of Eriez equipment.

Featured industries include chemicals, food, glass, metals, minerals, mining, pharmaceuticals, plastics and more.

However, John Blicha, director of corporate marketing communications, says, “Many of the problems cited are common across industries. We developed this webpage to allow customers to learn from each others’ experiences.”

The webpage explains how, if you are involved in iron separation, material beneficiation, detection, conveying, lifting, positioning, holding, feeding or detecting, the company’s processing solutions could be of help.

Each problem the case studies site was an actual problem in a specific industry the company serves, Eriez says, while each solution describes a successful application of magnetic or vibratory forces.

According to Eriez, the assembled resources include technological know-how and expertise gained over the company’s 70-plus-year history.

“Offering online and offline tools, such as these processing solutions, exemplifies our commitment to customer education,” says Blicha.

Processing solutions are a part of Eriez’s Orange University, the umbrella group under which the company offers many of its educational resources.

Orange University also includes Eriez’s mobile training center, Technical Center, free tools, literature library, newsletters, magnet safety information, articles and more.

The company manufactures and markets its magnetic, vibratory and inspection system products through 12 international facilities located on six continents.

More information on Eriez’s equipment is available by calling the company toll-free within the U.S. and Canada at 888-300-ERIEZ (3743), by visiting or by sending an email to


American Pulverizer and Hustler Conveyor start up Garden Street shredder

American Pulverizer (APCO), St. Louis, and Hustler Conveyor Company, O’Fallon, Mo., have installed and started up an APCO 98x115 heavy-duty automobile and scrap shredding system at Garden Street Iron & Metal located in Cincinnati. APCO says it had the entire system up and running in one week.

According to APCO, the Garden Street system was installed at the end of 2013 with startup and commissioning in December. The system design was the result of the companies’ Team Concept, a collaborative approach that provides integrated engineering from American Pulverizer, Hustler Conveyor, Eriez Magnetics, Pinnacle Engineering Controls, SiCon Technology and Quad Plus. The team also worked closely with Earl and Rob Weber, owners of Garden Street, APCO reports.

According to Skip Anthony, APCO vice president of sales and service, the system is unique in that it offers the latest technologies designed to reduce installation cost and to yield highly productive shredding with comprehensive liberation, efficient cleaning and separation of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

System components include:

  • APCO 98-inch top-, back- and bottom-discharge, high production shredder box;
  • Hustler tumbleback metering conveyor;
  • APCO three-split trommel;
  • Combination of mechanical and air separation on the nonferrous portion;
  • Eriez P-Rex underflow drum magnets, fitted with traction plates that provide three or more material flips per drum for greater agitating action and cleaner ferrous metals; and
  • Latest Pinnacle e-shred controls with field distribution panels and remote wireless maintenance operation and Co-Pilot software for production control.

The companies also recently were awarded an order with Harmon Metals, Cornersville, Tenn., which includes a 60x85 heavy-duty automobile and scrap shredding plant with integrated ferrous and nonferrous separation plants. The new operation will be installed and running by end of the second quarter of 2014, the companies report.

APCO reports that the company worked closely with Harmon over the last year to develop a simple yet efficient system to process from 3,000 to 5,000 tons per month of automobiles, obsolete scrap and logged or baled mixed metals. The shredder is expected to allow Harmon to run materials normally associated with larger shredders, APCO says.

The system is a collaborative effort between APCO, Hustler Conveyor, Eriez Magnetics, Pinnacle Engineering Controls and Red River Hydraulics and includes a new integrated design package designed to minimize installation costs and time, allowing Harmon to more quickly earn a return on investment for the project, APCO says.

More information is available from Skip Anthony at 314-713-5489 or via email at


Germany’s IDO-Lab enters precious metals analysis market

IDO-Lab, based in Karlsein, Germany, is a new independent laboratory specializing in the analysis of platinum group metals (PGM), particularly from automotive catalytic converters.

According to the company, its lab is located within the Innovation Park Karlstein near Frankfurt, a site intended to be well-positioned to serve customers anywhere in the world.

IDO-Lab says its team of experts offers guidance to select the appropriate analysis method to ensure customers meet their objectives. Furthermore, the company says, its state-of-the-art equipment and professionally trained personnel coupled with a tailored laboratory software system are intended to provide precise results and transparent documentation.

“It is our key objective to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Ralf Duesmann of IDO-Lab GmbH. “We listen closely to their specific needs. Rather than providing solely analysis, we offer solutions to their unique requirements—before, during and after the analysis process.”

Duesmann explains that IDO-Lab conducts analysis by means of spectroscopical methodologies. He says the company’s expertise in precious metals recycling of automotive catalytic converters leads to the highest standards of process management.

IDO-Lab maintains a uniquely programmed laboratory software system, according to Duesmann. Analyzed data are automatically imported, which is designed to ensure full documentation of each step. Customer samples and their respective process statuses are clearly identifiable and may be tracked at any time, he adds.

IDO-Lab offers multiple analysis methodologies to detect precious metals from automotive catalytic converters, including:

  • Precision metal analysis;
  • Matrixoxide analysis;
  • Carbon and sulfur analysis;
  • Detection of carbides;
  • Fusion process; and
  • Sample preparation.

More information on IDO-Lab is available at or by contacting Christian Spielmann, commercial director, via email at