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March 12, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

1. Terex Fuchs MHL360 E Material Handler. New from Terex Fuchs, Southaven, Miss., is the MHL360 E material handler with Blue Evolution technology. The handler has been updated with a number of enhancements designed to improve durability and performance:

  • Six-cylinder, 254-horsepower (190-kilowatt) turbo-charged engine that meets Tier 4i emissions standards
  • Hydraulic system with a separate slewing circuit, allowing machine swiveling to start and stop quickly
  • Energy recovery feature
  • Engine with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology
  • Updated high-performance cooling system and cab

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2. SP Industries Hydraulic-Free Compactors. SP Industries Inc., Hopkins, Mich., has introduced the EM Series line of industrial, electro-mechanical compactors completely absent of hydraulic fluid. The company says the line offers the following features:

  • Solid steel screw shaft powered by an electric motor that pushes the ram through the compaction chamber
  • Design eliminates the potential for hydraulic fluid spills
  • Built-in grease system automatically lubricates the shaft
  • Multicycle programming and adjustable ram force pressure settings
  • Motor protected by a soft-start system and full-load indicator
  • Customizable for integration into various material handling systems

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3. MPI Power Booster Magnets. Magnetic Products Inc. (MPI), Highland, Mich., has introduced a hybrid “power booster” magnet to its line of magnetic and nonmagnetic material handling products. The magnets offer a number of features, the company says:

  • Combine the holding power of a rare earth magnet with the reach out of ceramic magnets, offering product protection and tramp metal control
  • Provide the right mix of magnetic material to ensure maximum tramp metal capture
  • Hybrid “power booster” magnet material is integrated into the company’s line of plate magnets, magnetic chutes, free-flow magnets, drum separators and suspended magnets

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4. Rotobec Orange Peel Grapples. Rotobec Inc., Sainte-Justine, Quebec, offers orange-peel grapples, which the company says are ideal for handling recyclable materials and scrap metal. The grapple line offers these features:

  • Strong reinforced head structure
  • Patent-pending cylinder protector and patented RT rotators
  • Available in various sizes and models with the option of closed, semiclosed or open tine configurations
  • Optional integrated magnet is ideal for yard cleanup or sorting

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