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March 12, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

The Shredder Co. Sells Flagship Shredding System in Australia
The Shredder Co. (TSC), based in San Antonio, has announced the sale of a 124 SXS shredder system to privately owned Norstar Steel, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. This shredder system, among the highest in capacity that TSC makes, will use an 8,000-horsepower motor and a split ferrous separation system. It is scheduled to be delivered during the third quarter of 2013 and is expected to be operational by the fourth quarter.

TSC says the shredder is the 10th 124 SXS shredder system that it has sold. The system follows TSC’s standards for efficient casting consumption and ease of maintenance for the rotor and double-feed roll (DFR) systems, according to the company.

The TSC shredder will replace a 3,000-horsepower shredder Norstar presently operates.

In addition to the site where the shredder will be installed, Norstar Steel operates a number of feeder yards that will supply raw material for the shredder.

According to TSC, the new shredder system is the next step in the growth of Norstar Steel and fits the company’s model of processing and shipping all incoming scrap daily to maximize return on investment and daily cash flow at a lower total cost per ton and with fewer man hours.

The company adds that the Sailah family, which owns Norstar Steel, is a dynamic group that runs an efficient scrap business.

BHS Acquires Nihot Recycling Technology

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), Eugene, Ore., has acquired Nihot Recycling Technology BV, an Amsterdam-based company that designs and manufactures air sorting and separation equipment for the recycling, solid waste and other industries.

“We are very excited to welcome Nihot to the BHS family of companies,” says BHS CEO Steve Miller. “Having partnered with Nihot for a number of years, I have great respect for the company’s people and product quality. They are the best at what they do, and our new relationship will strengthen the integrated solutions that BHS offers its customers.”

Cees Duijn, director of Nihot, says, “BHS and Nihot are similar in that both companies manufacture equipment to the highest levels of quality. Combining our technology, product offerings, global resources and expertise will enhance every function of our business.

Duijin adds, “BHS has positioned itself as the premier systems provider. Nihot is excited to be joining this team and is looking forward to a prosperous partnership.”

Nihot, which was established in 1945, has a global presence providing air technology, with more than 500 operational installations worldwide. Its products separate waste based on material density and volume and can be used in a variety of applications, including construction and demolition waste, refuse derived fuel, biomass, municipal solid waste and recyclables.

BHS designs, engineers, manufactures and installs sorting systems and components for the solid waste, recycling, waste-to-energy and construction and demolition industries.

Accent Case Sent Back to Trial Court for Ruling

Accent Wire, Tomball, Texas, has announced that a federal court of appeals has found that Leggett and Platt’s Pinnacle Wire Tier I infringes on Accent’s U.S. Patent 7,373,877. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed portions of a district court decision and directed the court to enter summary judgment in favor of Accent Wire.

The case will be sent back to trial court to determine if that Accent patent is valid.

“We welcome the court’s decision and are pleased our engineering innovation and hard work was protected,” says Accent President Bill Sims. “I sincerely thank our staff and legal team for their tireless efforts during this process.”

Accent says its patent covers the torque tube design in the Accent 470 wire tier, which performs the gripping, knotting, cutting and wire ejection functions with a single unidirectional quarter-rotation.

Ferrex Assists in Gershow Shredder Project

Ferrex Engineering Ltd., Ajax, Ontario, has been selected by Gershow Recycling, Medford, N.Y., to play a large part in the company’s multimillion dollar upgrade of its automobile shredding plant.

Ferrex has supplied a new pulpit, control chair and Allen Bradley ControlLogix automation to the plant, located in Medford. Ferrex also says Gershow “has dedicated themselves to high performance by adopting our industry leading shredder optimizer, which focuses on maximizing productivity, efficiency, profitability and quality.”

DSC (Dynamic Shred Control) and RDL (Recycling Plant Data Logger) are described by Ferrex as “a shredder optimizer that increases production by up to 20 percent, improves equipment reliability, provides real-time insight into your operations, reduces maintenance costs and allows you to stay competitive in today’s difficult operating climate.” According to Ferrex, DSC is an automation system that analyzes the critical information from the shredder mill’s motor to automatically maximize the feeding of the shredder.

Ferrex says Gershow Recycling also “has retained our Shredder Optimization Consulting Service, which harnesses the power of RDL and DSC to continuously improve shredder operations by maximizing tonnage and minimizing costs.”

More information on Ferrex and its products can be found at

Best Process Solutions Launches Concept Feeder Line

Best Process Solutions Inc. (BPS), based in Cleveland, has launched the new Concept Feeder Line (CFL) of vibratory feeders, which are engineered to solve many of the inherent design flaws in vibratory equipment. BPS manufactures and services bulk material handling equipment for recycling applications.

Designed for undermill, magnet, eddy current and finder feeder system applications, the Concept Feeder Line incorporates BPS’ Inertial Isolation System™ (ISS). The patent-pending IIS is designed to eliminate the transfer of vibratory energy to support structures and buildings. Recyclers can witness the IIS concept in action at

Along with the new CFL line of vibratory feeders, the company says it offers replacement drives for all brands of vibratory equipment as well as replacement isolation springs, pans and liners.

Additionally, customers can receive engineering assistance from BPS and service and spare components for such equipment as water-injection systems, shredder isolation springs, controls systems and custom designed solutions.

Founded in 2012, BPS says it has a three-pronged mission: to have the best technology partners in the world, to continue to develop and implement the most advanced technologies in the area of bulk material handling and to provide the highest level of customer service.