Time for a Revamp

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February 11, 2013
DeAnne Toto

DeAnne Toto

While it is not apparent from the cover of this issue, the February 2013 edition of Recycling Today marks our first redesign since 2008. While our cover remains the same, you’ll see as you read this issue that we’ve changed the look of everything between the front and back covers.

While much of the information Recycling Today provides has remained consistent with our redesign, you’ll notice some changes in pricing information that we first introduced in our January 2013 edition. In that issue, we began providing ferrous scrap pricing from American Metal Market (AMM). The reason for the change is that many of our readers are using AMM pricing as a benchmark for their transactions.

You’ll also notice that we expanded the number of charts we present in our Paper Commodity Report, adding a chart that presents OCC pricing over the last year in addition to monthly pricing information. This change is designed to allow our readers to identify pricing trends more easily.

As Recycling Today Media Group Publisher Jim Keefe writes in our January 2013 issue, From the Archives debuts in this issue. This department, which replaces One to Watch for 2013, is in honor of Recycling Today’s 50th anniversary, which we are celebrating this year. This department will feature historical information from throughout the last 50 years as well as a look at the scrap industry over the years through interviews with industry veterans and excerpts from various issues.

If you’d like to share your perspective on how the industry has evolved in the last 50 years in this special department, please email me or Editorial Director and Associate Publisher Brian Taylor at dtoto@gie.net or btaylor@gie.net, respectively. I also encourage you to send in photos of the oldest issue of Recycling Today you have in your archives. Your comments and images also may be used in a special commemorative issue of Recycling Today, which we will publish mid-year.

While the changes that I mentioned above are the most readily apparent, we hope you’ll find that the other tweaks made by our Art Director Karen Angus help to enhance your experience of Recycling Today. When it comes to redesigning our publications, the goal of the Recycling Today Media Group is to reflect modern design sensibilities in a way that best addresses the needs of the recycling market. The staff of Recycling Today hopes you feel as if we have accomplished this goal with the introduction of our new look.