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February 11, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

Wendt Sells Chopping Line to Blase Brothers
Wendt Corp., based in Tonawanda, N.Y., has sold a high-volume MTB copper and aluminum chopping line to Blase Brothers, a company owned by Gary, Craig and Kevin Blase.

The Blase brothers, who have been in the scrap metal business for more than 20 years, had at one time operated three auto shredding plants as Blaze Recycling & Metals. They sold the company to a private equity firm in 2007 and were under a five-year noncompete clause. The chopping line is the first piece of equipment the brothers have purchased since founding their new company.

“This plant is going to be fun for us,” Gary Blase says. “It’s all about getting back to our roots in wire chopping. There is an art to the chopping business, and it’s something that we really enjoy and look forward to. Our main objective is to really build and invest in this business venture.”

In August 2012, the company purchased a 30-acre facility in Lithonia, Ga. The facility features a 60,000-square-foot building, which will house the wire chopping operation, according to the brothers. After the installation of the MTB wire chopping line, the brothers say they expect to add more equipment, including a nonferrous baler and an auto shredder, which will include a downstream nonferrous plant to aid in wire recovery.

“After visiting the MTB processing facility in France, the explanation of the equipment just did not do the equipment justice,” Gary says. “When we saw the capabilities of the equipment and the variety of materials that we could process, we were very confident and excited about the MTB line. We realized that this equipment will give us the opportunity to process materials that many do not have the ability to do at this time and we look forward to that advantage in the marketplace.”

The MTB copper and aluminum chopping line is fully automated and includes the latest model prechoppers, granulators and vibratory screens that MTB offers, according to Wendt. The high-production chopping line features a BDR 2400, two BAT 1600 granulators, air density separators and vibrating screens. The all-purpose chopping line has the ability to process aluminum and copper cables, twitch, aluminum and copper radiators, aluminum core steel reinforced cable and insulated copper wire from automobile shredder residue (ASR).

Wendt is the exclusive strategic partner and distributer in North America for MTB equipment, parts and service.

The Blase brothers were to begin breaking ground in early December on a two-story scale house in addition to beginning other preparations for their new facility. They say they anticipate having their MTB aluminum and copper chopping line operational in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Wastequip Lands National Contract with Municipal Alliance

Equipment manufacturer Wastequip, Charlotte, N.C., has been awarded a contract by the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) for the procurement of solid waste and recycling collection equipment as well as for “related equipment, accessories and supplies.”

NJPA is a national municipal contracting agency headquartered in Staples, Minn., serving more than 46,000 member government, public and private education and nonprofit agencies. The alliance is designed to provide member agencies the ability to enter into cooperative purchasing agreements, “allowing member agencies to procure products in a more efficient and timely manner while leveraging national volume pricing,” according to Wastequip.

The company says the new contract designates it as NJPA’s single-source vendor for waste handling equipment, such as compactors, balers, bins, containers and hoists.

Wastequip brands and product lines include Wastequip compactors, balers, containers and hoppers; Toter collection carts; Galbreath and Accurate hoists and trailers; Pioneer and Mountain Tarp tarping systems; Cusco mobile equipment; and Parts Place parts for containers, refuse bodies, compactors and waste trucks. The company says it has an international network of 27 manufacturing facilities.

“Wastequip is excited to be named as NJPA’s vendor of choice for solid waste and recycling equipment,” says Martin Bryant, CEO of Wastequip. “We offer customers the flexibility to purchase a single brand or product line while still serving as a one-stop solution for our entire Wastequip family of brands.”

International Baler Adds Dealer in Mexico

International Baler Corp. (IBC), Jacksonville, Fla., has announced that is has named Salinas International Equipment Sales (SIES) the company’s authorized dealer in the country of Mexico.

“SIES offers many years of industry knowledge, service capability and the willingness to take care of the customer—the exact same philosophy adhered to by International Baler,” says Randy Gibson, IBC director of sales and marketing.

“Victor Salinas and his company have hit the ground running for us and are already helping recyclers in Mexico become better equipped to process their materials,” adds Gibson. “We are very excited to have SIES to be part of the IBC team.”

IBC invites current and prospective customers in Mexico to contact SIES for their recycling equipment needs. Recyclers in Mexico also can check out the complete International Baler product line at or by contacting the company at 800-231-9286.

SIES’ Victor Salinas can be reached at 866-534-7776 or by email at

CP Group Appoints UK, European Market Representative
The CP Group, headquartered in San Diego, and U.K.-based Jarshire have announced a partnership through which Jarshire will represent the CP Group in the United Kingdom and Europe, along with CPME, CP’s U.K. branch.

“As what has been seen as huge vote of confidence in our business strategy, in late 2012 we announced that we had been appointed to represent the CP Group for its ranges of MRF (material recovery facility) and associated equipment in the U.K.,” says Nick Jobson, Jarshire director.

The CP Group consists of CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, IPS Balers, MSS and Advanced MRF, all manufacturers and suppliers of separation and material recovery equipment and associated technology. The CP Group also supplies advanced automated processing and sorting equipment for the construction and demolition, commercial and industrial, waste-to-energy and electronic waste sectors.

The appointment of Jarshire as a representative of the CP Group is a natural progression from Jarshire’s close association with IPS Balers, which joined the CP Group in 2009. Jarshire has been the U.K. agent for IPS for past seven years.

“This really is the next step in our development,” Jobson says. “From IPS Balers—the most extensive line of balers in the recycling industry with unmatched production for almost any material type—to CP Group’s equipment, we are now able to claim to be truly a one-stop shop in the MRF world.”

Jarshire has completed more than 54 installations encompassing the complete range of IPS balers, including closed-door semi-automatic, fully automatic, hinged side, two-ram and Conquest balers.

“We are happy to have the Jarshire team join us to add to our range of machine and system distribution and service,” says John Inman, CP Group sales manager.

NRT Supplies Midwest Exchange with Optical Sorting Units
Midwest Exchange Enterprises Inc., based in Gurnee, Ill., has chosen Nashville, Tenn.-based National Recovery Technologies (NRT) to manufacture and install five optical sorting units to enhance the company’s PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycling plant in Gurnee.

“Our goal is to eliminate our country’s dependency upon foreign virgin PET resin by manufacturing locally to produce recycled PET from local sources of PET plastic,” says Alex Casillas, president and founder of Midwest Exchange Enterprises.

When the equipment is installed, the company says it will double PET production at the plant to 9,000 pounds per hour. The five NRT units—a SpydIR Reflective, a SpydIR-T, a ColorPlus, a SpydIR-T PET and a MetalDirector—are designed to create a cleaner end product. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and other contaminates will be extracted, resulting in a recycled PET product that is clean enough to be classified as food-grade by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and that can be used to create food and beverage containers, the company says.

Sargon Azzo, director of sales for Midwest Exchange Enterprises, says, “Going through the process of selecting a manufacturer, we quickly learned that the perception is that the Europeans have the highest quality equipment. Upon further evaluation, we came across NRT and realized that they have a clear advantage when it comes to PET bottle sorting.” He adds, “Their equipment is the best, and it was a breath of fresh air to be able to buy from an American company. From top-to-bottom, the NRT organization is extremely knowledgeable and displays integrity throughout the company.”

NRT provides automated industrial inspection systems, materials handling and process control, particularly in processing of materials for recycling.