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February 11, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

Alpha Omega Recycling Inc. (AORI) accepts a growing list of materials at its Longview, Texas, and Jackson, Ohio, hazardous and nonhazardous processing facilities.

According to AORI President Mark Wayne, that list includes the following items generated by a variety of industrial, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical industries, as well as health care sector customers:

Listed Hazardous Wastes (Code of Federal Regulations)

  • F006 - Wastewater treatment sludges from electroplating operations
  • F019 - Wastewater treatment sludges from the chemical conversion coating of aluminum
  • K061 - Electric arc furnace dust
  • K171 - Spent hydro-treating catalyst
  • K172 - Spent hydro-refining catalyst

Characteristic Hazardous Wastes (Code of Federal Regulations)

  • D002 - Characteristically corrosive
  • D003 - Characteristically reactive
  • D004 - Contains arsenic
  • D005 - Contains barium
  • D006 - Contains cadmium
  • D007 - Contains chromium
  • D008 - Contains lead
  • D009 - Contains mercury
  • D010 - Contains selenium
  • D011 - Contains silver

Nonhazardous Waste Streams:

  • Liquids, solids and sludges contaminated with metals
  • Inorganic byproduct and surplus
  • Spent catalysts (containing nickel, copper or zinc)
  • Drying agents
  • Slags and scale
  • Metal over-spray
  • Precious metals contaminated streams