Roadnet Updates Transportation Suite Software

Version 3.6.3 enhancements designed to optimize route planning and driver management to improve bottom line.

July 31, 2013
SDB Staff

Roadnet Technologies, a Baltimore-based transportation logistics software company, has announced the launch of Roadnet Transportation Suite version 3.6.3 (RTS v3.6.3), the latest release of its vehicle routing, scheduling, optimization, tracking and mobile workforce software.

The third update of the Roadnet Transportation Suite this year, 3.6.3 includes a new Routing Activity Tool designed to allow users to easily track and analyze routing performance. It offers users the ability to automatically implement drive time restrictions and includes an iPhone version of the MobileCast Proof of Delivery (POD) app.

“RTS v3.6.3 is the latest example of Roadnet Technologies’ dedication to ensuring our customers have the latest technologies to further streamline their transportation logistics chain,” says Len Kennedy, CEO of Roadnet Technologies. “Not only do these enhancements offer opportunities for increased cost savings and peace of mind, the introduction of our MobileCast Proof of Delivery software for iPhone puts these capabilities into the hands of more fleet owners.”

The new Routing Activity Tool analyzes how much time and how many moves a router has made in a routing session as well as other key data points that can be used to improve and optimize vehicle routing efficiency, the company says.

New functionality across Territory Planner, Roadnet and MobileCast eliminates the burden of manually checking hours to ensure compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. Version 3.6.3 allows route planners to use Roadnet’s routing algorithms to create routes that do not exceed maximum allowable drive time rules, even when a stop is added in planning, routing or dispatching mode, Roadnet says.

Further new features in v3.6.3 focus on easing the burdens of large volume orders. The Roadnet route planning software is designed to automatically split unpaired orders based on customizable criteria. An update to the Suite’s Territory Planner allows the routing algorithm to invoke alternate service times for large volume deliveries if they exceed a bulk threshold, the company says.

In addition to the introduction of the iPhone version of Roadnet’s vehicle GPS tracking software, MobileCast, existing versions of MobileCast have seen improvements in v. 3.6.3. The Android version now allows for canned text messages from driver to dispatcher and vice versa as well as the ability to manually enter delivery and pickup quantities. The Windows Mobile version of MobileCast now supports the CoPilot v9 voice navigation upgrade.

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