Roster of RIOS certified companies expands

PlasMet's Atlanta plant receives certification and two nonprofit organizations begin certification process.

December 10, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Certification Electronics

PlasMet e-Solutions says its Atlanta facility has achieved RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standard) certification.

“We understand the importance of RIOS certification,” says Tracey Blaszak, PlasMet e-Solutions environment, health and safety (EHS) compliance director. “The RIOS management system enables us to protect our employees, meet industry regulations and operate our facility at the most efficient and productive levels.”

Chas Yancey, account executive for PlasMet e-Solutions, adds “We are committed to RIOS certification. It gives our clients the confidence that we are going above and beyond to guarantee that their electronic equipment is being recycled responsibly.”

To earn RIOS certification PlasMet e-Solutions underwent a third-party audit to verify its compliance with the industry standard.

“By investing in certification, PlasMet e-Solutions is taking the necessary steps to be competitive in the e-recycling sector,” says Darrell Kendall, director of RIOS. “The RIOS certification provides clients and customers of PlasMet with the confidence that their brand will remain protected.”

Two nonprofit organizations also have been certified as RIOS compliant, according to a news release issued by ISRI. The two organizations have benefitted from a recent decision to offer a different pricing model to attract nonprofit operations. The two nonprofits are Computers for Classrooms (CFC) and Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council (CACRC).

“We are proud to expand our list of members with these two inspiring nonprofit organizations committing to become RIOS certified,” says Kendall. “It was our goal to level the playing field for organizations of all sizes and revenue models, and these prospective memberships are the result of those efforts.”

CFC is a Chico, Calif.-based provider of refurbished computers to schools, low-income families and nonprofits throughout California. CACRC, based in Baton Rouge, La., provides used computers to schools and low-income families in Louisiana.

Both organizations are currently R2 (Responsible Recycling Practices) certified. They have officially registered for RIOS certification and  are scheduled to complete the process in the summer of 2014 by undergoing third-party audits and reviewing all procedures.

“Certification has proven to be well worth the investment for my organization, so it is logical to add RIOS to our list of certifications,” says Nancy Jo Craig, executive director of CACRC.

“RIOS is the most complete management system,” says Pat Furr, founder and president of CFC. “With RIOS, we can be sure our materials are handled and tracked properly, and we can take steps to avoid hazardous and unsafe situations.”