Rigaku upgrades KT Series handheld LIBS analyzers

Rigaku upgrades KT Series handheld LIBS analyzers

The KT-100S can be used in more difficult applications, especially for the analysis and separation of most nonferrous alloys, the company says.

November 7, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
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Rigaku Analytical Devices, Wilmington, Massachusetts, says its previously released handheld laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) metal analyzer has been improved and is faster than before.

The KT-100S is an upgrade to the KT-100 LIBS analyzer, which was released in September 2015. The KT-100S expands the use of handheld LIBS to more difficult applications, such as recycling, fabrication, aerospace, automotive and refineries, especially for the analysis and separation of most nonferrous alloys, according to Rigaku.

The company says its KT Series analyzers enable accurate alloy identification in industrial environments. The analyzers will be demonstrated at the FABTECH Expo, Nov. 6-8, 2017, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Designed to fill the performance and feature gaps of traditional analysis methods, such as handheld X-ray fluorescence, Rigaku says the KT-100S offers more convenient, on-the-spot identification of the most difficult alloys. By incorporating a second-generation spectrometer that produces higher throughput and better resolution, the user can expect better detection limits and the ability to analyze more alloys. This includes better precision for low alloy steels, stainless steels, as well as high-temperature alloys and the added detection of lithium (Li), according to the company.

Another major benefit to the user is that because the KT Series of handheld LIBS analyzers uses a laser excitation source, minimal to no regulatory licensing is required.

“We are committed to continuously improving our handheld analytical capabilities,” says Bree Allen, President at Rigaku Analytical Devices. “We built a solid reputation for handheld LIBS with the launch of our KT-100 analyzer in 2015, and now the KT-100S will exemplify the same innovation and quality the Rigaku brand is known for.”

Rigaku says key features of the KT-100S include:

  • ease of use because of the analyzer’s ergonomics and the simple software interface;
  • light element and base alloy analysis with a two-to-four-second analysis time;
  • built for the toughest environments with MIL-STD 810G certification;
  • no X-ray radiation exposure for increased safety and minimal regulatory licensing; and
  • long battery life.

More information on the KT-100S is available at www.rigaku.com/KT100S