Republic Services Inaugurates Jacksonville, Fla., MRF

Republic Services Inaugurates Jacksonville, Fla., MRF

Facility’s Machinex processing lines started operating in April.

  • May 30, 2012
  • Recycling Today Staff

Phoenix-based Republic Services has inaugurated its Jacksonville, Fla., material recovery facility (MRF). The MRF, with processing lines built by Machinex started operating at the beginning of April.

Machinex, based in Plessisville, Quebec, says the MRF is designed to offer flexibility, with the ability to process three different streams from its tipping floor. The facility will be taking in both commercial and residential material.
The company says the system can process more than 22 tons per hour while processing up to eight tons per hour of dual-stream containers simultaneously. Furthermore, the system is designed to process commercial recyclables and single-stream residential material without having to man the container line with a bypass back to the tipping floor, Machinex says. A spokeswoman for Republic says that while the capacity of the facility is 120,000 tons per year, at the present time the MRF is taking in around 62,000 tons per year.
“We believe Republic Services appointed Machinex for the project because of the design proposed, which truly took into consideration all of the market conditions for Jacksonville that were presented to the bidders,” says Nicolas Belanger, President of Machinex Technologies. “With a combination of dual-stream and the future conversion of single-stream, Machinex designed a solution to handle the needs of today with strong consideration of the growth for tomorrow. We brought them a different approach.”
According to Machinex, the system is designed with a total shift from dual-stream to single-stream collection. The company says Republic will be able to upgrade the system without prolonged downtime. It is also described as the first regional MRF in Republic Services’ history to be designed and built from the ground up.
Machinex and Republic Services partnered in 2010 on the Lakeland, Fla., MRF, and a single-stream MRF is set to be built in St. Louis during the summer.
The Jacksonville MRF features screening technology with a triple-deck OCC screen, a glass breaker screen, a dual scalping screen, a double-deck ONP screen and 3D finishing screen. Machinex also incorporated three optical sorters, a Mach Motion Floor bunker, glass cleanup system and dual rejects compactors.