Rehrig Pacific Logistics Expands Presence in Pennsylvania

Company will recycle scrap pallets into recycled fiberboard products.

March 8, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Rehrig Pacific Logistics recycles whitewood and plastic pallets.

Rehrig Pacific Logistics, which has seven locations in Pennsylvania, will expand its operations and lease a new facility in the state. The expansion will result in the creation of 39 jobs over the next three years, the company says.

According to news release from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Rehrig Pacific Logistics will enter into a five-year lease and renovate a 38,400-square-foot facility in Glendon Borough, Pa. Rehrig will use the renovated facility to recycle scrap pallets into fiberboard products. The scrap pallets used will come from the company’s Pennsylvania locations.

To assist in the expansion, Rehrig Pacific Logistics received a $767,550 funding offer from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, including a $750,000 loan from the Pennsylvania Machine and Equipment Loan Fund and $17,550 in job training assistance.

"We're excited to bring our innovative recycled fiberboard factory to Pennsylvania. There are currently no companies in the U.S. converting wood waste in this manner,” says Todd Rodewald, Rehrig Pacific director of innovation and operation. “The facility will be producing a 100-percent recycled wood product for use in the furniture and construction industries. It's a win-win for Rehrig, Pennsylvania and the environment."

Rehrig Pacific Logistics, headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., is a national logistics company that provides reusable packaging, supply chain analysis and reverse logistics to companies throughout the United States.