Redwave opens US office

Redwave Solutions US set up to help Austrian company expand in North America.

May 8, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Personnel

Redwave, an Austrian-based supplier of sensor-based sorting equipment and turnkey sorting systems, has created a new subsidiary in North America. The company, Redwave Solutions US, has offices in Minnesota, Georgia and New York. The new division will concentrate on systems design, machine and system sales, installation and parts and service in the recycling sector.

Pictured from left: van Galder, Schulte and Simon.

“With over 150 machines [installed] in North America, it was time to have a local presence and better support the North American market,” says Silvia Fuchs, general manager for Redwave’s European headquarters. “We will continue to support our existing customer base with parts and service and offer faster response times for drawings and proposals.”

Redwave Solutions US will be managed by Jeffrey van Galder, Christopher Simon and Ulrich Schulte. Van Galder and Simon, each of whom has 16 years of experience in supplying recycling equipment to the industry, will be responsible for sales. 

"We work very closely with the headquarters in Austria and our business model is such that we will eventually be able to provide our own service and engineering in North America. Currently in the US there is a sales organization that is very experienced in this industry and the equipment that we offer and works with the full support of the North American and Austrian infrastructure," says Schulte. 

BT-Wolfgang, Redwave’s parent company, says the time is right to capitalize on growing demand in the United States. The U.S. office is expected to allow the company to more quickly respond to sales inquiries, the company says.

“Our reason for starting this company was to form a company, based in the United States, to replicate and build on the success that Redwave has already established in North America with the glass plants and the sorters that we have sold for Redwave into our MRF applications for sorting plastic and paper,” says van Galder. “This new company will build on these previous successes while also being able to support past customers in a more local manner.”

Schulte, the third partner, will be responsible for general management and strategy. He previously worked for Vecoplan AG as a general manager in Germany. 

Redwave’s sensor-based sorting technology ranges from single sorting machines up to complete turnkey plants. The company’s equipment is designed to sort plastics, paper, glass, electronic scrap and metal.

"We will focus mainly in customers who are looking for custom sorting solutions for commingled materials. We will provide equipment that is best suited for recycling, msw and a wide range of materials including glass, paper plastics, wood, metal, e-waste and minerals requiring separation and sorting.   ‎Our audience will be people in the field who are interested in a excellent industrial design, combined with high performance and quality recovery of high value, desirable materials," Schulte says.

"In addition to supplying custom sorting solutions for a wide range of industries, single stream sorting plants are likely to be the predominantly the basis for the genesis of our business.  We will also be supplying retrofit solutions to older systems that lack some of the technologies that we can offer.  We will likely be adding sensor based sorters, bag openers, drum feeders, and screens to systems that are lacking such or simply need to be upgraded," Schulte adds.