Recylex to Close Secondary Lead Smelter

Smelter produced around 150,000 tons of lead in 2012.

July 9, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Legislation & Regulations

FMM SA, the Belgian subsidiary of the Recylex group, has announced plans to shutter its lead smelter operations.

In a statement, Recylex, based in France, says that in spite of internal efforts and numerous investments aimed at improving the performance of the smelter facility, changing market conditions have taken a heavy toll on the operating performance of this business, which has become a structural loss-maker.

As required under the legislation in force in Belgium, it has begun a process of consulting with all its employees to find solutions and possible alternative courses of action.

The closure, as well as the consultation phase, will not impact FMM SA’s scrap lead-acid batteries collection business, the company says. FMM SA’s activities include a scrap car battery collection center and production of lead solely from recycled materials. In 2012, FMM SA produced around 10,000 metric tons of recycled lead. In 2012 the smelter produced 152,251 metric tons of lead; and Recylex notes that the group’s lead segment was 75 percent of the consolidated sales.

Recylex focuses on lead and plastic recycling from automobile and industrial batteries. The company also recycles zinc from particles generated from the production of electric steel plates. It also specializes in producing zinc oxides and special metals for the electronics industry.