Recycling Equipment Canada to Market Excelarator

Company will be the exclusive distributor of Excel’s ballistic separator in Canada.

June 7, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

Recycling Equipment Canada, Waterloo, Ontario, has been chosen as the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Excelarator 15T-SS ballistic separator, manufactured by Excel Manufacturing, St. Charles, Minn.

Recycling Equipment Canada says the Excelarator 15T-SS increases profits by recovering more valuable materials from a company’s incoming stream at lower capital and operating costs. The machine is designed to separate glass and fines as well as two-dimensional (paper and fiber) and three-dimensional (containers) materials. The Excelarator is capable of processing 15 to 18 tons of single-stream material per hour with less than 3 percent contamination in the fiber split, according to Recycling Equipment Canada.

“The Excelarator 15T-SS is the most cost-effective way for Canadian recyclers to get into single-stream recycling or improve the efficiency of their existing line,” says Pete Mulvany, CEO of Recycling Equipment Canada. “This product supports Recycling Equipment Canada’s mission to help our customers reduce the total cost of ownership of their equipment and maximize profits.”

The Excelarator’s feature include:

  • Double the lift of comparable ballistic separators for larger load capacity and more accurate separation;
  • An on-the-fly hydraulic bed changes angles to suit varying material stream moisture content while in operation;
  • Can be feed from any angle by conventional conveyors, making it easy to integrate into a company’s existing setup;
  • Integrated take-off and out-feed conveyors distribute the separated materials for final processing ad can be oriented in different directions for flexibility in distributing separated materials;
  • Material never comes into contact with moving parts of the separator, minimizing service and maintenance.
  • The built-in glass breaking and separation capability is designed to minimize wear on the rest of the equipment and to maximize operator safety;
  • A compact size ideal for small and medium-sized facilities.

The Excelarator 15T-SS is a result of collaboration between Excel Manufacturing and JWR Inc., a large U.S. recycling equipment dealer.

“We’re proud of the Excelarator and its potential to revolutionize single-stream recycling,” says Dave Wolf, owner and general manager of JWR Inc., Johnson Creek, Wis. “We are excited to partner with a leader in recycling equipment in Canada, as this is another great step in the delivery of our vision to revolutionize the recycling industry.”