CleanRiver introduces recycled-content collection bins

CleanRiver introduces recycled-content collection bins

Canadian firm says Flex E Bin product can adjust to shifting collection requirements.

July 14, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
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CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, based in Aurora, Ontario, has introduced the Flex E Bin, a recycling bin it says is ideal for classrooms, recreational facilities, cafeterias, manufacturing facilities, offices, parking garages and other public spaces.


 “Working with clients in their pursuit of sustainability excellence over the past 25 years has revealed an endless series of challenges and changes,” says Bruce Buchan, CEO of CleanRiver. “Change is constant, and it occurs faster than most organizations can react effectively. One of the most common problems is the change of the collection process from multiple streams to commingling, or the addition of new materials, such as compostable plates and cutlery. The Flex E Bin allows programs to change streams and adjust volume requirements per container in less than five minutes.”


CleanRiver Marketing Manager Antonia Edwards says the Flex Bin has been “designed with custodial challenges in mind. The unique bag tie feature, hinged lid and handles make it easy and efficient to service. And with the patented Transition technology, it’s the only recycling bin that protects program investment because it can change as recycling programs change.”

The product’s handles are designed to make them easy to move, and its vented design allows for easy bag removal, according to CleanRiver. The patented bow-tie bag system facilitates simplicity and speed in changing bags, says the company, while it should prove popular for use at special event venues because of its ability to nest inside itself, providing for a smaller storage footprint.


A study performed by the University of Toronto-Mississauga showed that the waste diversion rate of organizations increased by 167 percent through the use of high-impact graphics on recycling bins, says CleanRIver. The Flex E Bin’s sturdy background graphics and stream labels help people make the right choice as they toss their trash, says Buchan. “This revolutionary product will enhance an organization’s recycling program to support its recycling goals while protecting its investment,” he comments.


More information about the new Flex E bin can be found on this web page.


CleanRiver Recycling Solutions has been designing and manufacturing recycling bins made with recycled materials for more than 25 years.