Quest expands customer portfolio

Company customizes food waste recycling program for 77 retail locations.

July 7, 2016
Recycling Today Staff

Quest Resource Holding Corp.  (QRHC), Frisco, Texas, says it has designed a food waste recycling program for a new customer.  

The program allows for the recycling of all food waste, packaging included. Additionally, the program will recycle the outlets’ cardboard and plastic and manage their municipal solid waste.
The program also will save the retailer 17 percent by avoiding Minnesota’s Solid Waste Management Tax, which ranges between 17 percent and 67 percent of the disposal fee sales price on commercial mixed municipal waste, according to QRHC. Recyclables and organic waste collected separately from garbage and delivered to a facility where they are recycled are exempt from the Solid Waste Management Tax.
“We anticipate that new recycling programs will be cost neutral for our Minnesota customers,” Quest CEO Ray Hatch says. “Being able to recycle all materials along with their packaging makes the decision to manage waste in an environmentally responsible manner much more appealing to corporations.”