Scrap metal recycler clears hurdle in Chicago

Pure Metal Recycling is closer to building an auto shredder in the city.

February 26, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Auto Shredding Certification

The city of Chicago’s Zoning Board of Appeals has voted in favor of a special-use permit that will allow Pure Metal Recycling to go forward with the installation of an auto shredder in the Pilsen area of the city. The board approved the permit in a unanimous 3-0 vote. The board has five members, two of whom were not in attendance.

Following the approval of the land-use permit, Pure Metal Recycling can begin construction on the project, though it still needs to obtain a construction permit from the city.

Pure Metal Recycling had been waiting to receive approval on the shredder for the past six months but had run into significant opposition by local residents.

According to local press reports, the company was looking for a special-use permit to build a $30 million scrap metal and shredding operation on 15 acres in the city. A source with the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals says early in the permitting process the company had discussed enclosing at least part of the operation. 

The city already has three other shredders in operation: two from Sims Metal Management, based in New York, and one from General Iron Industries, headquartered in Chicago.