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April 26, 2000
Equipment & Products


Trialu, from Andrin, is an automated aluminum packaging separation system designed for use in the waste recovery and recycling operations. Using LEASar sensors to identify aluminum cans and packaging by their magnetic signature, the company says the sorter can increase production and profits.

Installed downstream of a sorting cabin, the modular Trialu system is comprised of a flat-belt conveyor with special strips for stabilization of the metallic waste and a battery of LEASar sensors mounted on a moveable slide. The computerized system allows the type of packaging to be selected. The system can detect rigid, semi-rigid and flexible packaging.

Once the programmable sensors identify the aluminum object, the injection system propels it into the collection area with an anti-rebound ejection chute. The recovery rate with the unit is about 90% to 95%, with a purity of 85% to 95%.


AWP Industries Inc.’s Corrugated Steel Bulk Containers match the industry’s common container footprints and are ideal for storing, handling and shipping metal parts, stampings, automotive components, bearings and household appliance components. Containers are 40” x 48” and 45” x 48”, feature a 33” inside height and hold up to 4,000 pounds.


LBX Co. has added four Link-Belt articulated dump trucks ranging from 16 to 30 tons to its line. By mid-year, a 40-ton truck is also expected to be introduced. The four models introduced include a 16-ton, 25-ton, 30-ton articulated dump truck and a 30-ton ejector articulated truck.

“We introduced this new product line because of how well it compliments our successful series of excavators as well as unique design characteristics of this articulated truck,” says Robert Harvell, president and CEO of LBX.

The Link-Belt trucks feature a front suspension that allows both vertical and oscillating movement and consists of long stroke integral oil/pneumatic cylinders to provide shock absorption. The rear suspension uses spherical bearings at the axle and stabilizer mount points.

The Link-Belt D16 is a 16-ton capacity articulated dump truck that is powered by a 137 hp engine and has a 6 cylinder diesel engine. It has a dumping time of 12 seconds up to a 70 degree angle.

The Link-Belt D25, a 25-ton articulated dump truck, has 255 hp and a 6 cylinder diesel engine. The unit has a dumping time of 10 seconds up to a 70 degree angle.

The Link-Belt D30 has a 30-ton capacity and the same 10 second dumping time. It is powered by a 270 hp diesel engine.


New Holland has introduced the EC215 crawler excavator, a 152-hp model with a dig depth of up to 23 feet, 6 inches. The unit boasts the highest horsepower offered by an excavator in the 20 to 22 ton class as well as the longest undercarriage track length of 14 feet, 11 inches.

The EC215 features an advanced three-pump hydraulic system designed to boost productivity. This system allows for the boom, stick and bucket to be operated simultaneously.


The new track mounted Nordberg ST170 mobile screening unit is designed for applications requiring high production of base materials, including recycling, fine screening and multiple products. Powered by a four cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine, the ST170 can work separately or alongside Nordberg’s track-mounted crushing line.

The ST170 offers users maximum screening efficiency and increased production of difficult materials because of its hydraulically adjustable angling and forward and reverse shaker motion.

The unit is designed to operate in confined city sites and to be transported easily because of a weight of about 41,000 pounds. The adjustable conveyor is capable of 880 tons per hour.


Advance Lifts Inc. has introduced a Pallet Muncher that reduces wooden pallets as large as 48 inches by 54 inches to wood chips. The Pallet Muncher has an adjustable timer for appropriate pallet sizes and the operator can turn the machine on and let the machine run independently. The Pallet Muncher can reduce seven to 10 pallets per hour.