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Sennebogen 822 G material handler

Sennebogen, headquartered in Germany with its North American division based in Stanley, North Carolina, has launched the 822 G material handler, which is an update to the company’s 22 t 818 recycling all-rounder. The material handler:

  • has a reach of about 33 feet
  • features an hydraulic system optimized for tasks in recycling and scrap yards
  • is equipped with a 110-kilowatt Stage V diesel engine with 3.8 I displacement
  • has an outward-folding lubrication system and refueling capability to make servicing more convenient
  • includes Sennebogen’s Maxcab

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Sweed PCR1856 shredder

Sweed, Gold Hill, Oregon, has released the PCR1856, a single-shaft shredder that is part of the Sweed PCR series. The shredder:

  • functions as either a primary or secondary processor in high-volume applications
  • features a 125-horsepower motor, 18-inch rotor diameter, 56-inch rotor length and 50-inch-by-57-inch cutting chamber
  • has an extensive knife profile that enables larger material to be pulled into the machine more quickly and efficiently
  • includes a hydraulic ram to keep material engaged with the rotor to optimize throughput
  • can adjust speed and ram parameters when tied into a downstream processor

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Fairbanks Scales HC Lift Deck modular truck scales

Overland Park, Kansas-based Fairbanks Scales Inc.’s HC Lift Deck modular truck scale is designed for waste transfer applications. The scale’s weighing modules can be lifted and removed individually with a front loader or other lightweight lifting equipment. Re- calibrating the scale isn’t required when a module is set back in place. Additional features include: 

  • a removable deck for easy access to clean and maintain pits
  • a dual remote display so loader operators can distribute the load evenly in trailers while maximizing each load before leaving the tunnel
  • self-centering cones that allow the decks to reset in place without any additional tools and to ensure no need for resetting the calibration  
  • remotely located electronics to prevent damage from rodents and trash contamination and to facilitate cleanout  
  • customizable configurations to accommodate the different trucks and trailers

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