EC Seeks Input on Plastic Scrap in Europe

Plastics recycling association calls for an increase in plastic recycling efforts.

March 12, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Legislation & Regulations Plastics

The European Commission has announced that it is seeking comments on its recently released "Green Paper on a European Strategy on Plastic Waste in the Environment," which aims to analyze the challenges created by plastic waste that are not specifically addressed in current European Waste legislation. To view the report, click here:

The EC will be accepting comments through June 7, 2013.

In a release, the Plastics Recyclers Europe (EuPR) says that it welcomes the report and calls for increased efforts by government agencies to boost the recycling of the commodity through the continent.

In a statement, Tom Emans, president of the EuPR, notes that at the present time the total annual production of European plastics recyclers can only cover maximum two weeks of the yearly European plastics consumption.

“This situation is no longer sustainable. Policy makers, industry and society in general must act in order to change this situation,” Emans says.

Emans adds that “the policy options investigated by the Commission are the most appropriate ones to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.” As a matter of fact, he notes, “a landfill ban, specific plastics waste recycling targets and eco-design are great solutions to increase recycling. These policies will increase Europe’s resource efficiency, create green jobs and reduce our environmental impact.”

The initiative is expected to be strongly pushed by the European institutions and member states, as it is designed to encourage more sustainable plastics production and consumption within Europe.

The EuPR says that its members represent 80 percent of the European plastics recycling capacity, processing more than 3 million metric tons of plastic scrap per year.