Pioneer revamps its Rack ‘n Pinion tarping system

Enhancements designed to improve durability, safety and reduce maintenance.

May 3, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products
Pioneer, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based automated tarping systems supplier for the waste, recycling and construction industries, has launched an updated version of its flagship tarping system, the Rack ‘n Pinion. The tweaks improve durability and safety as well as reduce maintenance of a system that is already the industry standard.

One of the most significant improvements to the system is the new Rack ‘n Pinion side assembly, the company says. The rack gear features a redesigned cylinder mount to eliminate cylinder strap breakage. The system’s durability is further enhanced by the increased thickness of the main arm pivot point in the side plates which reduces wear and extends service life. By doubling the thickness of the pivot point, tarp arms remain securely on the rear of the container without bouncing, reducing the potential for costly damage, according to Pioneer.

Other improvements in system durability include a redesigned stabilizer bar with reinforced mounting bracket and an enhanced tarp anchor tube retainment system to eliminate premature failures or breakage. Pioneer also redesigned the upper arm extensions to make it easier to turn the roller shaft when preloading the roller spring and to prevent the shaft from seizing when the tarp roller is being serviced.

To address operator maintenance requirements, Pioneer says it replaced the welded brass wear strip on the rack assembly with a maintenance-free, self-lubricating polymer bolt-in strip, eliminating the need for periodic lubrication. When the wear strip requires replacing, operators can change out the part with a simple five-minute process unlike the previous version where the wear strip was welded to the assembly requiring difficult and costly replacement of the entire rack assembly. Redesigned hose pivot bracket mounts allow operators to easily snap in new hydraulic hoses for quick repairs in the field.

“The Rack ‘n Pinion has been the waste industry’s go-to tarping system for decades with thousands of installations in the field,” says Chris Nicolazzo, general manager for tarps. “We are the leader because we make the highest quality product and focus on continuous improvement based on feedback from our valued dealers and operators. This new Rack ‘n Pinion system simply enhances the core features that have made the system an industry standard.”

The new Rack ‘n Pinion system is currently available for sale through any Pioneer dealer. Pioneer is a Wastequip brand. More information is available at