Petcore Europe Reports 2012 PET Recycling Rate

Association reports that 52 percent of Europe's post-consumer PET bottles were recycled in 2012.

August 22, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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Petcore Europe, a European-based trade association that supports the recycling of PET plastics, has reported that more than 60 billion PET bottles in Europe were collected for recycling in 2012. The figures pushed the recycling rate to more than 52 percent of all post-consumer PET bottles collected for recycling in Europe.

Roberto Bertaggia, PETCORE Europe’s chairman, says, “Despite the poor economic situation in the European region, the consumption of PET bottles is still showing clear trends of penetration into new market segments through innovative packaging and the recognized capability of PET to be recycled.”

“From a sustainability perspective, our industry is thrilled to have achieved an overall collection rate in 2012 of more than 52 percent of all post-consumer PET bottles available in the region,” Bertaggia adds. “With the exception of two members, all EU member states managed to achieve PET recycling rates above the Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive target of 22.5 percent for plastics.”

Casper van den Dungen, PET chairman at Plastics Recyclers Europe, says, “The overall European collection of PET bottles to 1. 68 million metric tons reflects an increase of 5.6 percent, compared to the previous year. “This has helped to ease the overcapacity situation of recyclers with an average plant utilization of 80 percent.”

“In 2012, the fibers market was still the single largest end-market for recycled PET, but strong growth in the sheet and bottle market are putting these three markets at similar levels,” says van den Dungen.

The membership of the association is formed by four European associations: CPME (the PET manufacturers); EuPC, which includes Forum PET Europe and EuPET (the converters); EuPR (the recyclers); plus several individual companies involved in the value chain.