International markets part of PRC India programme

International markets part of PRC India programme

Traders from VIPA, Ekman and Paper Link will speak at February event in Mumbai.

December 28, 2016
RTGE Staff
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Among the speakers at the 2017 Paper Recycling Conference India will be representatives from Switzerland-based recycling firm Vipa Lausanne and Sweden-based trading house Ekman.


Among the six sessions that make up the conference is one on 6 February titled “Recovered Paper Supply Tides and Currents,” which will examine paper recycling trends in North America, Europe and the Middle East.


Panelists who have agreed to speak at the session include:


  • Nishant Sahney of Lausanne, Switzerland-based VIPA Group, which operates five recycling plants in Switzerland and has a global trading presence;
  •  Markus Ocklind of Sweden-based Ekman, whose Ekman Recycling subsidiary operates nine trading offices in North America and which recently acquired Reliance Fibres Ltd. in the United Kingdom; and
  • Abizir Jani of Paper Link International, a United Arab Emirates-based firm with global trading operations, who will provide an overview of paper recycling and export trends in the Middle East and other regions.


The “Recovered Paper Supply Tides and Currents” session will be preceded and followed by three other sessions 6 February that will examine the state of papermaking, recovered fibre and logistics and transportation on the Indian subcontinent.


The 2017 Paper Recycling Conference India is 6-7 February at the Leela Hotel in Mumbai, near that city’s international airport. More information on the event, including how to register, can be found here.