Outlook is Not All Doom and Gloom

Outlook is Not All Doom and Gloom

Speaker at upcoming Paper Recycling Conference Asia discusses key issues in Asia's paper industry.

April 18, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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Pankaj Chowdhary, director at Reliance Fibres Ltd, speaks exclusively to Paper Recycling Conference Asia 2013  Conference Director Hayley Marsden on the change in the grades and quality of paper fibre, a positive outlook for Asian paper mills and what he is looking forward to at the Paper Recycling Conference in Asia.

Chowdary has more than 20 years experience with recycling companies in the United States and Europe and has traveled extensively in western and Asian markets. He founded Reliance Fibres in the UK in 2004 and remains the company’s CEO, responsible for all purchases and sales.

Q. Have you seen a significant change in the grades of paper fibre you are selling to end buyers?

Pankaj Chowdhary: Yes we have seen significant changes in terms of certain grades merging and become more generic. This is demand and supply driven. Examples of this shift include the following:

News 7 and News 8 as per ISRI spec is now sold as News 7&8, which really means that this grade has become generic.

  • Similar is the case with old news and pams. In market terms there is no demarcation as to the percentage of news or pams. We now call it deinking.
  • We now offer coated OIMG (old magazines) or coated magazine trims to our buyers as one grade

Q. Has the quality of the paper fibre you are buying changed?

PC: Yes, we have noticed that products have changed in quality and it is more due to location and market demand. In the UK, quality of the material coming from commingled collections has deteriorated, especially mixed papers, news and pams and Old Corrugated Containers (OCC).

Meanwhile, Coated Book Stock and Uncoated Woodfree papers have merged to become more generic as a multi-grade, UK woodfree qualities have improved as more ledger papers are being mixed and not being bales separately.

Q. How can a company such as Reliance Fibres ensure that quality remains at the level mills require?

PC: The key to delivering quality to my buyers is communication with the suppliers (source markets) and making the buyer understand what is available, there is a mismatch in written specifications and understanding what is actually available.

One of the biggest problems with claims in the export market is that the broker has not communicated what the buyer wants or the buyer is not aware what to expect.

Qualities will change due to market conditions, buyers and sellers need to adapt whenever there is a major shift.

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