Don’t Get Snagged on the Fence!

Attend Paper Recycling Conference Asia 30-31 May for insight into China’s Operation Green Fence.

April 23, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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Recyclers and brokers of recovered fibre in Europe, North America and elsewhere are facing increased hurdles selling into their largest market in China.

In late winter and early spring, shippers of secondary commodities into China have slowly begun to learn about “Operation Green Fence,” an effort by Chinese environmental and customs officials to more vigorously inspect (and more willingly reject) what they consider to be sub-par container loads.

Paper Recycling Conference Asia, 30-31 May at the Hongta Hotel in Shanghai, represents an ideal opportunity for packers, merchants and brokers to get on-the-scene insight into this emerging issue.

Over the past several years, North America alone has sent from 570,000 to 695,000 containers filled with scrap materials to China—with recovered fibre being the largest commodity by volume. But carrying on with business as usual has not been an option for many in the recovered paper sector since Operation Green Fence was implemented in February 2013.

Numerous representatives from Chinese paper companies, government ministries and trade associations are on the roster at Paper Recycling Conference Asia. Find out from them—and have the opportunity ask them—details about the “green fence,” what it is trying to keep out and how long it will last. (See our topics and speakers listed here.)

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