Padnos to expand

Company will add 1.6 acres to one of its facilities in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

June 15, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

Michigan-based recycling company Padnos has announced plans to expand one of its scrap metal recycling facilities in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company currently operates three yards in the city.

According to an article in the Grand Rapids Press, Padnos has purchased a neighboring bus depot to expedite recycling operations at one of its sites. A spokeswoman for the Grand Rapids Planning Commission says the company is acquiring 1.6 acres of land.

As quoted in the Press, Keith Noblett, Padnos director of facilities and engineering, says, “As recycling has continued to grow, we have more and more throughput through the yards and it requires a little bit more operations space. The other thing is we’ve had customers that back out onto Burton Street (the location where the expansion will take place). If we can get the customers into the yard quicker, hopefully we can process them a little more quickly.”

The company received approval from the Grand Rapids Planning Commission at its meeting June 12, 2014, though Padnos still needs to address a number of conditions, according to the Press report.