Ox Box Introduces Recyclable Weatherproof Shipping Containers

Product features Eco-Shield technology, incorporating recycled plastic water bottles.

January 19, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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Ox Box, a manufacturer of shipping containers and pallets based in Addison, Ill., has introduced Eco-Shield Corrugated Crate Boxes, reusable containers designed to replace nonrecyclable wax-coated corrugated boxes.

According to the manufacturer, Eco-Shield is a corrugated fiberboard material that incorporates plastic from recycled water bottles to enable the boxes to withstand exposure to the elements.

The company says lab tests show the boxes can tolerate days of exposure to rain, snow and direct sunlight and yet still are able to withstand as much as 5,000 pounds of vertical compression.

Unlike waxed corrugated boxes that go to landfills, Eco-Shield boxes can be recycled with standard corrugated materials, Ox Box says.

According to Ox Box, the reusable boxes are FDA-compliant for direct food contact, offer a moisture vapor barrier, allow hot and cold release, are oil- and grease-resistant and can be used in freezer storage applications.

The company also says the Eco-Shield technology is adaptable to other processes.

More information is available at www.oxbox.com/corrugated-packaging/eco-shield.php.