Ontario Recycler Expands

John Zubick Ltd. introduces eZcycle electronics recycling program.

May 24, 2012
SDB Staff
Electronics Legislation & Regulations Municipal / IC&I
John Zubick Ltd., London, Ontario, has announced the official opening of its new eZcycle electronics recycling program to collect and safely dispose of end-of-life electronic devices. 
“According to the research, people are simply tossing old cell phones and computer components into the trash because they just don’t know what else to do with them,” says the company’s Matt Zubick. “Others recognize the problems with electronics in landfills, so they have these obsolete devices accumulating in their basements and store rooms. We hope eZcycle gives them an easy way to get rid of these hazardous materials responsibly. As it has been part of our mission since 1946, we want to make the environment greener for the coming generations.” 
Materials accepted at the eZcycle depot include: computer components, TVs and monitors, cell phones and digital tablets, DVD players and sound equipment, business equipment and a wide range of household electronics, such as game boxes and smoke alarms.
To launch eZcycle, Zubick built a new collection depot outside the front gate of the John Zubick Ltd. recycling facility on Clarke Road. The depot features a large concrete base, lighting for around-the-clock visibility, security cameras and a series of specially built bins and pens constructed by Zubick staff. 
“We designed this area so people will have a convenient, safe place to drop off their electronic waste any time they wish, day or night,” Zubick says. “They drive up without having to enter the main yard, drop off their e-waste and go.” 
The custom designed theft-proof bins are intended to protect personal data that remains on computer hard drives, cell phone SIM cards and even memory sticks until Zubick staff comes to remove the material. The material is then destroyed in a secure facility, according to the company, so the data has no chance of resurfacing in refurbished devices in the future. 
The depot area is also kept under 24-hour video surveillance. Additionally, Zubick says, the eZcycle operation is under the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) umbrella. 
“Our objective with this program is to create local jobs and to prevent this stuff from polluting our landfills,” Zubick says. 
Founded in London in 1946, John Zubick Ltd. is best known as a scrap metals recycler. However, the company has continually expanded the range of materials it handles throughout the years. 
With the eZcycle depot up and running, the Zubicks say they plan to expand the program with mobile collection centers to be available as part of community cleanup events and business collections.