Ohio EPA issues grant money to two tire recycling firms

Liberty Tire Recycling and Boomerang Rubber will split $600,000 to boost tire recycling in the state.

May 27, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
rubber tires recycling grantsThe Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $600,000 in grant money to fund two market development projects in the state. The two projects are expected to result in nearly 57,000 scrap tires being recycled. The program has been designed to provide financial assistance for businesses that propose projects to develop successful scrap tire markets or innovate with scrap tire-based products.

“This is a great opportunity to team up with Ohio businesses to reduce the number of discarded scrap tires and reuse them as a valuable feedstock,” says Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler.

Jackson Township has been awarded $350,000 in grant funds on behalf of Liberty Tire Service, headquartered in Pittsburgh, to assist the company in expanding a scrap tire processing facility. The project is expected to create and retain two new jobs.

The village of Botkins, Ohio, has been awarded $250,000 in grant funds on behalf of Boomerang Rubber Inc. to develop a new product manufacturing line using scrap tire material. The new manufacturing process is expected to generate and retain 27 new jobs. Boomerang says it manufactures high-quality, long-lasting, heavy-duty mud flaps, bed mats and other rubber products.