Ohio EPA to Hold Hearing on Draft Air Permit for Glass Furnace

Company will be able to recycle a range of crushed glass to make new glass.

September 12, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold a public hearing on Sept. 24 on a proposed draft air permit that would allow Closed Loop Glass Solutions to install an electric glass furnace at its plant in Columbus. The furnace would melt different types of crushed glass to produce recycled glass. Glass that the furnace will accept includes soda line glass, barium glass, leaded glass and other materials that will ensure the proper chemistry. 

According to the permit, Closed Loop will take in the crushed glass in sealed gaylords, which will remain sealed until the material is put into the dump stations for the different silos. The facility will produce insulation wool, lead ingots and cullet.  

Before issuing the draft air permit-to-install, the Ohio EPA has reviewed Closed Loop’s application to ensure that emissions would comply with federal and state air pollution control standards, laws and regulations. The draft air permit establishes emission limits to protect public health and the environment. The facility plans to implement maximum achievable control technologies and continuously monitor lead emissions.

Ohio EPA also will accept written comments on the draft air permit received through Sept. 26, 2013. Interested parties can send comments to Barbara Walker at barbara.walker@epa.ohio.gov or Ohio EPA Central District Office, 50 W. Town St., Suite 700, P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049. 

The draft air permit is available at http://wwwapp.epa.ohio.gov/dapc/permits_issued/1045313.pdf.