Ohio City Council Grants Recycler Conditional Use Permit

Pinnacle Recycling is seeking to relocate its paper and plastics recycling operation to Akron, Ohio.

January 27, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Plastics Paper
The Akron, Ohio, City Council has granted a conditional use permit to Pinnacle Recycling, a Barberton, Ohio-based paper and plastics recycling firm, which is seeking to relocate its operations to Akron. 
The company is in discussions with Sears about purchasing the retailer’s closed building and about 19 acres. Sears closed the location several years ago. 
Pinnacle Recycling says it  expects to have the final arrangements with Sears completed by the first quarter of the year.
Gary Dalessandro, with Pinnacle, says the company has outgrown its existing 45,000-square-foot operation in Barberton. The new building is roughly 152,000 square feet and will give the company greater opportunities to grow its business.
Pinnacle handles both industrial and post-consumer paper grades. Dalessandro says its plastics come from industrial accounts.
Once the deal with Sears is complete Dalessandro says Pinnacle will install the new equipment, as well as transplant its equipment to the Barberton plant. The company expects to close the Barberton plant when the new facility opens.