NRC, RONA Seek Merger

Merger of two recycling associations would lead to the formation of the NorthAmerican Recycling Coalition.

July 10, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) and the Recycling Organization of North America Inc. (RONA) have announced a significant step toward consolidating the two associations. If the merger is complete, the result would be the creation of a new organization called the North American Recycling Coalition.

According to the NRC, both associations are already providing services, representation, institutional knowledge and staff to their individual and shared members. The intent is to unify the efforts in one body. Through consolidation, both organizations would build on each other's successes, resources, assets, vision, and goodwill to build a new coalition, the NRC speculates.

To accomplish this, boards of both associations have been meeting to finalize the creation of the new NRC. While acknowledging significant work that needs to be addressed, the NRC is calling a special meeting of the association July 13. Additionally, the association is taking actions to amend its current New York State Certificate of Incorporation to change the National Recycling Coalition name to that of North American Recycling Coalition (NRC).

The associations say they expect to make a formal announcement on the merger at the Resource Recycling Conference in Austin, Texas, this August.