Nissan reports recycling efforts for 2013

Automaker says it achieved an ASR recovery rate in excess of 97 percent during fiscal 2013.

June 5, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
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Japanese automobile maker Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has reported a significant improvement in its recovery of recyclables from auto shredder residue (ASR) in Japan in 2013.

In a progress report on its recycling and recovery efforts in Japan for fiscal year 2013 from April 2013 to March 2014 the automaker notes that it recovered for recycling 112,507 tons of the 115,741.4 tons of ASR the company collected from 533,836 vehicles in Japan. The total represents a recovery rate of more than 97 percent, exceeding the ASR recovery target of 70 percent by fiscal year 2015 set by the Japan Automobile Recycling Law for the eight consecutive year, Nissan says.  

The company also reports that it reduced the amount of ASR it landfilled and incinerated to zero and participated in a trial ASR recycling method.

Nissan adds that the recovery rate for its end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) stands at 99.5 percent.

The automaker also notes that it has recovered more than 1.6 million airbag-related products from 445,635 vehicles through recovery processing and on-board deployment operations. Nissan says its airbag recycling rate stood at 94.1 percent, exceeding the legal requirement of 85 percent. Nissan also processed a total of 138,602.15 kilograms of fluorocarbons from 490,825 vehicles it collected.

Nissan says the cost of its recycling efforts amounted to 5.4 million yen ($52.714 million). Meanwhile, fees and income generated from the recycling process totaled nearly 6.3 million yen ($61.368 million), giving the company a net profit of $8.653 million.