NGR takes majority stake in German equipment company

Plastics recycling equipment company invests in extrusion supplier Dr. Collin GmbH.

March 21, 2014
RTGE Staff
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The plastics equipment company Next Generation Recyclilngmaschinen GmbH (NGR), headquartered in Austria, has acquired a majority interest in the Germany equipment company Dr. Collin GmbH

In a press release NGR says both companies expect to see strong synergies through the combined technology platform and global marketing activities.

NGR says it offers a range of equipment allowing virtually any form of plastic waste to be recycled to produce plastic pellets. Plastic waste produced during the production process in plastics manufacturing operations can be recycled with NGR equipment; valuable plastic can also be recovered from used plastic products, according to NGR.

Compact extrusion equipment such as blown film units, flat film units, extrusion lines and stretching equipment from Collin enable clients to further develop the recycling process and process plastics materials economically and efficiently. In addition to laboratory equipment, products developed and manufactured by Collin include high-performance pilot systems for medical technology, materials manufacturers and large portions of the plastics industry.

"If you look at the product lifecycle of plastic scrap, NGR has always been active in supporting the stages of product manufacture (i.e. production waste) and recycling. With the expertise of Collin we are expanding our capabilities in product design—an important stage in exploiting the full potential of plastics—and pointing the way toward effective use of finite resources," says Josef Hochreiter, CEO of NGR.

"Consistent development of recycling processes and materials with the products of Dr. Collin GmbH have made the company a forerunner in technology in the past 40 years. With this know-how, the trust of clients and the reputation of NGR, the organization will be able to competently address future requirements from and within the plastics industry," says Dr. Heinrich Collin. To ensure continuity, Collin will retain a minority interest in the company and will provide support for the company and to his successor in the CEO role. "The flexibility to meet clients' requests and needs will continue to be a key part of future joint marketing and sales activities," adds Collin.

Dr. Collin GmbH will continue to operate independently, but a group of companies will be formed with more than 220 employees to help clients throughout the plastics industry.  An extended value creation chain will enable the new organization to target customized system solutions to research institutes, universities, plastics recyclers, polymer manufacturers, makers of industrial plastics recycling facilities, compounders, recycling companies, etc. In addition, its well-developed global sales network will continue to provide proximity to clients, as well as service and training in operating equipment and plastics analytics.

Effective March 1, 2014, Dr. Friedrich Kastner has been named CEO of Dr. Collin GmbH. "The whole is much more than the sum of its parts," says Kastner, describing the synergistic value for both companies. The company adds that Corne Verstraten has been named sales director for the new venture.